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In times of this pandemic, looking after everyone around you is essential. And your clients are no exception. Especially when infected with COVID-19, use this covid questionnaire for clients from SurveySparrow to know your clients’ needs and make them feel better. Let them know you’re there!

Conversational Questionnaire

A conversational questionnaire is a personalized and engaging tool to inquire about a client’s health and needs. Unlike traditional questionnaires, it is designed to be more personable and interactive by using easy-to-understand language and a natural conversation structure. This helps to create a relaxed atmosphere and encourages clients to share more about their health. Personalization is also essential, tailoring questions to each client’s situation. The conversational aspect of the questionnaire ensures that clients feel the warmth and care of their healthcare provider, building stronger relationships and promoting better health outcomes.

Customized Questionnaire

The COVID questionnaire can be fully customized to match the business or organization’s brand. Customization options include adding a logo, images, colors, fonts and modifying the CSS. The questionnaire can even be hosted on a customized URL, providing a seamless and integrated experience. This ensures a consistent brand experience and can be accomplished without technical expertise.

Multilingual Questionnaire

To make the experience more personalized and comfortable for clients, the questionnaire template allows for selecting a preferred language from a list of over 50 options. This level of customization ensures that clients can communicate in their preferred language, which can be especially important when feeling unwell. Communicating in their native language can add comfort and familiarity during an uncertain time. It can help clients better understand the questions being asked and express themselves more accurately, leading to more effective and accurate results. This personalization feature is just one way the covid questionnaire can provide clients a warm and welcoming experience.

Device Responsive

The COVID-19 questionnaire form is designed to be accessible on any device, including laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Over 70% of people prefer using a mobile device to complete tasks from the comfort of their own home, so the form is optimized for mobile use. This ensures that clients can complete the questionnaire on their chosen device, making it easier and more convenient for them to provide the necessary information. By offering this flexibility, the form can provide a better experience for clients and lead to more accurate results.


Ensure that the clients complete the COVID-19 questionnaire promptly. By enabling this feature, businesses and organizations can set a specific time frame for clients to complete the questionnaire and receive automatic reminders if they haven’t done so. This can be especially helpful for clients who may forget or become busy with other priorities. The reminder feature can also be customized to send reminders at most effective intervals for each client. This level of automation takes the burden of sending reminders off of the business or organization and ensures that clients receive the necessary prompts to complete the questionnaire.

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