Features of this Shift Change Request Form Template

More Features of Shift Change Request Form Template

Manage shift change requests with no hassles using SurveySparrow. Make changes to this shift change request form template to suit your needs, and use our features to embed it on a webpage, or simply share it with the employees.

White-Label Form

Own this employee shift change form by removing the SurveySparrow branding. Add your own brand logo, background, fonts, questions, and also your own domain for link sharing. You can either use your brand name in the domain or it can be anything else. This improves your internal branding amongst your employees and also builds trust.

Collaborative Dashboard

SurveySparrow records all shift change requests collected from the form into a dashboard. You can access all the requests, at a single place and sort them using filters. You can also share the dashboard with other members of your HR team and share the responsibility of managing requests.

Ticket Management

Once the responses are recorded in real-time, you can create tickets for the requests that are needed to be addressed urgently or demand suggestions from other team members. Assign the tickets to your team members and communicate with them over the platform. For every message, they get an email notification.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share the shift change request form with your employees through multiple ways. You can share the link directly, embed it in your email, share the form as an SMS, or use QR code. You can also integrate the shift change form with Slack or MS Teams and employees can fill the form within the app itself. These multiple sharing options give flexibility to you and also employees.

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