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Reader Interest Survey Template

Features of Reader Interest Survey Template

Understand your readers better with this Reader Interest Survey

Not just for your students or patients, this survey can also be customized to understand the demand for a newspaper, novels, and many more!

Picture-Based Questions

Insert the picture-based question type into your survey to give your respondents a clear picture of the option you’re providing them with. This question type supports jpegs and GIFs too. Upload your images or select from our builder. It’s integrated with Unsplash & Giphy.

Emoji Ratings

Let your respondents emote better while answering your question. The rating question type supports multiple emojis like smileys, thumbs up, and many more. This enables you to understand your respondents better and provide them with a solution accordingly. Smart. Isn’t it?

Voice Recording Feature

Typing out long answers can be tiring for your respondents. Instead, let them record their answers. Turn on the voice transcription feature while designing your survey. This will enable a microphone button for your respondent. They can simply click on the button and start recording their answers!

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