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Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire Template

While assessing your suppliers at every point is crucial, it’s unfair if you don’t let them assess themselves. Thus, we bring you this Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This supplier questionnaire has the right questions for different sectors and a conversational tone, getting you candid responses.


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Features of Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire

Choose the most reliable partners by utilizing our Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Which sectors can use the supplier self-assessment questionnaire?



Imagine you rely on suppliers for parts that go into your products. Self-assessments can help you identify any potential quality risks early on. You can ask your suppliers questions about their manufacturing processes, how they ensure quality control, and if they can meet your demands. Our platform lets you analyze this data and compare responses from different suppliers so that you can choose the most reliable partners for your business.


Supplier self-assessments can help you evaluate a vendor’s ability to deliver your products on time, meet your quality standards, and handle changes in your order volume. Ask them about their inventory management systems, their commitment to ethical sourcing practices, and how responsive they are to customer needs. We are a secure platform that ensures you collect confidential supplier information safely.


Partnering with medical equipment or pharmaceutical suppliers requires a high level of trust. Use self-assessments to gauge compliance with industry regulations, data security protocols, and product safety standards. Ask about their quality control procedures, risk management plans, and product recall history. We offer features like real-time reporting, allowing you to monitor responses and identify potential red flags quickly.


Self-assessments can help you evaluate their cybersecurity measures, project management practices, and ability to meet your specific technical requirements. Ask about their disaster recovery plans, data encryption methods, and experience with similar projects. SurveySparrow’s user-friendly conversational interface lets you create questionnaires easily, saving you valuable time and resources.

Benefits of Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire Template


Sentiment Analysis:

This feature allows you to delve into the emotions and attitudes of your suppliers by analyzing open-ended responses. Using word clouds, you can visually grasp the prevailing sentiments, enabling a more detailed understanding of your suppliers’ feedback.

Scheduled Reports:

Automate the receipt of insightful reports directly to your inbox daily or weekly. Configuring settings within the platform makes staying updated with your suppliers’ assessments effortless and automatic.

Multiple Formats:

Cater to different preferences by offering the questionnaire in various formats: a conversational style that presents one question at a time, a single-page form for efficiency, and a chatbot for interactive engagement. This versatility ensures higher response rates and user satisfaction.

Set Reminders:

Boost completion rates by setting up reminders for participants who either forget to start the questionnaire or leave it incomplete. This approach ensures you gather comprehensive feedback from all your suppliers.

Recurring Questionnaire:

Maintain regular engagement and continuous improvement by scheduling the questionnaire to be sent out periodically, whether quarterly, monthly or weekly. This automation feature allows for consistent feedback collection without manual intervention.

How to Use the supplier self-assessment questionnaire?



SurveySparrow lets you tailor your questionnaire to your industry. Focus on what truly matters – quality control for manufacturers, data security for healthcare providers. Multiple question types feature ensures you gather the most relevant information and a comprehensive assessment.


We integrate with popular business tools like Hubspot CRM for ticket management, Google Sheets for analyzing data, Mailchimp for email campaigns, Zapier (third-party tool), etc. Automatically populate supplier information and send questionnaires directly from your existing workflow. Responses flow back into your system, saving you time and effort.


SurveySparrow allows you to easily share questionnaires and reports via email, link, SMS, QR codes, or any social media platform. Real-time reporting ensures everyone can access the latest data, leading to collaboration throughout the supplier selection.


SurveySparrow’s analytics feature with an executive dashboard reveals the bigger picture. Also, export the data collected in PDF format. Compare suppliers side-by-side, identify trends, and drill down to see how they measure up against your criteria. Make data-driven decisions for your supplier selection.



What sort of questions should I ask the suppliers?

It depends on your industry! SurveySparrow offers pre-built templates like the Supplier Diversity Questionnaire Template, Supplier Approval Checklist Template, Supplier Satisfaction Survey Template. Check them out! You can customize them to fit your specific needs – quality control for manufacturers, data security for healthcare providers, etc.

Are the questionnaires lengthy and time-consuming?

Nope! SurveySparrow’s user-friendly conversational interface lets you create clear, concise questionnaires that won’t overwhelm your suppliers.

How do I ensure honest answers?

SurveySparrow helps you maintain anonymity if confidentiality is a concern. Focus on objective questions that assess processes rather than opinions.

What about follow-up if required?

SurveySparrow offers real-time reporting, so you can see responses as they come in and identify areas that might need further discussion.

Is it secure to share personal information?

Data security is crucial. SurveySparrow is GDPR compliant and uses secure connections (SSL) to keep all information confidential.

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