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Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire Template

Features of Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire

More Features of Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire Template

Know what the suppliers think about themselves using this supplier self assessment questionnaire template, and analyze the data using features of SurveySparrow dashboard.


Customize this supplier survey template the way you want using our builder. We have a collection of pre-designed themes that you can apply with a single click. You can also create your own background choosing the right colors, and background image. You can also use CSS editor to code your own theme.

Sentiment Analysis

Generate a word cloud for open ended questions and know the exact emotion of the suppliers. Tap into the unexplored areas and show them the doors to improve. Use this supplier evaluation questionnaire to help suppliers for personal growth and build trustworthy business relationships.

Visualize Data

With different types of graphs, charts, and widgets you can visualize the data from different perspectives. Gather insights from data that will help you make strategic decisions. All responses collected from his supplier questionnaire will be consolidated for you to track business metrics and KPIs.

Collaborate, Share and More

Share the live dashboard with your team members and have virtual meetings to discuss various aspects and potential of growth. Take immediate actions and drive growth. Keep a record of all the responses overtime and track supplier happiness levels.

Schedule Reports

Get daily reports directly in your inbox at a fixed time. Configure the settings once and forget. SurveySparrow will send you reports including all types of visualizations you choose. Compare daily reports and get better insights.

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