Features of Supplier Satisfaction Survey Template

More Features of Supplier Feedback Questionnaire Template

With SurveySparrow, this supplier satisfaction survey template can be used as an efficient tool to improve your supplier related processes. DIfferent features of the platform help you collect supplier feedback, analyze results, and take strategic decisions.

Question Types

Our builder has all major question types that help you build a comprehensive questionnaire. You can ask almost all types of supplier satisfaction survey questions. Question types include rating questions, multiple answers, dropdown, group rank, group rating, etc.

Sentiment Analysis

Generate a word cloud for open ended questions in the dashboard that will show the most frequently used words by the respondents. Word cloud takes feedback analysis beyond binary answers and helps you to understand the exact sentiment of the respondent. This helps you with better analysis.

Automated Reminders

The platform does the task of reminding the non respondents and partial respondents. Set up the reminder email feature, write the email content, fix the time interval, and shoot! SurveySparrow will send frequent reminder emails and ensure that the completion rates for supplier satisfaction surveys are higher.

Mobile Friendly

Respondents can fill the survey on the devices of any screen size. The design is responsive, maintaining its aesthetics and orientation even on different screen sizes. The mobile friendliness of this supplier feedback questionnaire also contributes to better completion rates and better user experience.

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