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Refund Request Form Template

Features of Refund Request Form Template

More Features of Refund Request Form Template

Avoid constant following up of emails and phone calls with the customers by easing up the process with our refund request form template. The customers will find it easier to request a refund through a form rather than sending an email. You can use the following features of SurveySparrow to track and analyze the responses of the form.

White Labeling

This feature of SurveySparrow helps you to add your company’s logo to the refund request form. This gives authenticity to the form and helps you to maintain your brand’s identity. You can use our CSS tool to customize the form according to your needs. You can also create your own URL with the company’s name in it .

Contact Forms

SurveySparrow helps you to collect all the necessary information like name, email-id, phone number, and designation of the customer in a single step. With this feature you can add any questions pertaining to your needs in the refund application form.

Accept Images

With this feature in your refund form template you can collect the photos of the equipment being returned directly through the form. The customers can either drag, upload or browse the images in your form. Using this feature the company will get the clarity of why the equipment is being returned and where the problem lies.

Multiple Sharing Options

This refund form template can be shared on multiple platforms and can even be shared via email or SMS. The company’s URL of the template created can also be shared with the customers on daily communication applications such as Telegram, Slack or Whatsapp.

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