Features of Online Interview Questionnaire Template

More Features of Online Interview Questionnaire Template

Make your online interviews more human using this interview questionnaire template. Know your candidates better before conducting face to face virtual interviews. Here are a few more features of SurveySparrow that will help you do it hassle free.

Conversational UI

Engage the candidates right from the first and make an impression on them. Use emojis, GIFs, pictures, and use conversational messages between the questions to make the job interview questionnaire interactive.

White-Labeled Questionnaire

Own the interview questionnaire by adding your company logo at the welcome screen and customize the background and font to go with your brand guidelines. With our custom URL feature, generate a form link with your company name in it. Look more authentic to candidates.

File Upload Feature

As you engage them in conversational questions, collect their resume and related documents using a file upload question. They can simply drag and drop their documents in the job interview form template. They can also upload multiple files in the same question.

Case Management

Assign the candidates to your team members using the case management feature. The members will receive notifications on assigning. The team can communicate on the platform and members receive email notifications for every message shared. Streamline the candidate hiring process.

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