Features of this IT Help Desk Survey Template

More Features of IT Help Desk Survey Template

The IT help desk template determines how helpful and friendly services you provide. This form is equipped with multiple features of SurveySparrow that can be used to track and analyze the responses.

Multiple Question Types

Question types such as picture options, matrices, dropdown and basic multiple choice questions and many others can be used to ask help desk survey questions. This feature makes the form conversational for the respondents.

Share with Ease

This survey template can be shared on multiple communication platforms such as telegram, slack or microsoft teams. You can even share the survey via email, SMS or weblinks. Sharing the survey with large number of people at once helps you in increasing the response rate of the customers.

Google Sheet Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with google sheet lets you collect the response data directly into the spreadsheet the moment the submit button is hit. The spreadsheet collected can be used to analyze the areas where the changes are required. Using this you can generate insightful reports.

White Labeling

Design the IT help desk survey with your own ideas or themes by using our CSS tool. You can add your brand’s logo, colour, and fonts based on your company guidelines to your survey. You can also create URL of your own with the company’s name in it.

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