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Customer Enquiry Form Template

This Customer Enquiry Form Template is used by businesses to handle customer queries and feedback. The template transforms standard inquiry forms into interactive, chat-like experiences, thus improving user response and completion rates by 40%. The conversational interface makes the customers engaged throughout the form filling process.

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Features of Customer Enquiry Form

Collect customer inquiries in a conversational way using the Customer Enquiry Form

The Benefits of Customer Enquiry Form Template

Multiple Sharing Options

You can share this enquiry form across multiple channels like Email, Website, Mobile & Social Share. Reach your customers wherever they are to get more reach, more responses, better data, and valuable insights. Use the email embed feature and directly share the form via email. This feature lets the respondents fill out the form without navigating to external pages. Through this feature, respondents get a streamlined and visually integrated experience.

Library of Questions

Use our builder to add different question types in your product enquiry form. You can use multiple choice questions, picture based questions, rating type and many others in your form. The contact form lets you collect all the demographic information of your customers. Adding different types of questions will make the form interesting for the customers. 

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Google Sheet Integration

Sync your forms with Google Sheets to share and collect responses in real-time. Use built-in features like formulas, charts, and conditional formatting to analyze and visualize your data effectively. This way you can manage all your customer interactions at one place and can make better decisions in the future.

Different Template Formats

SurveySparrow allows you to create single page forms and multiple page forms. Single-page forms enable you to present a section of questions on a single page. Multiple-page format helps to project only one question at a time to your respondents, just like in the preview template up there. You can also export the enquiry form into PDF format and use it for manual enquiry collection.

Use Cases of Customer Enquiry Form

Small Business Owners

This form helps small business owners to collect customer feedback, inquiries and suggestions. The single page format of the template is best suitable for collecting all the information needed in one go. Business owners can better understand their customers and maintain a strong relationship with them. 

E-commerce Websites

E-Commerce sites use this customer enquiry form where customer reviews play a significant role in purchasing a product. The website embed feature helps your customers to fill this form whenever they visit your e-commerce website. The form serves multiple functions including product inquiries, shipping-related queries and feedback.

Service Providers

Consultants, freelancers, or repair technicians can use this customer enquiry form to communicate with potential clients. You can use the contact form question type and collect the demographic details of your client. The google sheet integration will help you to sort the data and analyze it for further business decisions.

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions use this template for admissions inquiries, course-related questions, and feedback collection from students or parents. Customize the form with 25+ question types and collect only relevant information from your wards. This will help to maintain good relationships with the students, parents and stakeholders.

Nonprofit Organizations

This form can be used by nonprofit organizations to gather details about fundraising activities, donor, volunteer, or beneficiary feedback. The security of SurveySparrow platform allows the information collected to be confidential. You can understand donors’ preferences, gather suggestions for fundraising events, or collect real-time testimonials from beneficiaries.

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The platform gives you maximum customization options. Yes! You can customize the questions according to your needs; the white-label feature provides a custom domain that enhances authenticity. Other customization options include font style, color change, and custom themes that match your brand.


Integration options include Hubspot CRM for ticket management and handling customers, Google Sheet Integration for the perfect data collection, MailChimp for addressing the issues via mail, and Zapier. This third-party tool helps you integrate with any of your existing apps!


SurveySparrow offers multiple sharing options. You can share the form instantly via shareable link, SMS, email, mobile, QR codes, etc. This facility improves the convenience of the customers in sharing feedback, enquiries, and whatnot. Thus, easier sharing builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.


This customer inquiry form can collect vast amounts of data that need proper analysis! For this, SurveySparrow has advanced analytical features with an executive dashboard, making the analysis process easier and quicker! You can also export the data to PDF for further analysis.

FAQs About This Customer Enquiry Form Template

Is this Customer Enquiry Form mobile-friendly?

Yes, SurveySparrow’s forms are mobile-friendly and you can also access this form in tablets or laptops. It ensures a smooth experience for respondents on multiple devices.

Can I set up notifications for new responses to my Customer Enquiry Form?

Definitely, you can trigger notifications to receive alerts whenever a new response is submitted. This feature helps you stay updated and respond instantly to customer inquiries.

Is the data collected secure?

Yes! Absolutely. SurveySparrow is GDPR compliant. We also provide SSL encryption to protect data during transmission, and we assure you that the data collected will be safe and secure.

How can I contact SurveySparrow’s support if I encounter issues?

It typically provides customer support through various channels, including email, chat, or a support ticket system. Visit their support page for contact details and assistance.

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