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Customer Enquiry Form Template

Why use this Customer Enquiry Form Template?

Collect customer inquiries the conversational way!


Enable customers to inquire through various channels


Email Embed

With the email embed option, users can seamlessly embed the form directly into emails. This ensures a streamlined and visually integrated experience for respondents, who can fill out the form without navigating to external pages.

Shareable Links

SurveySparrow generates unique shareable links for each form, allowing users to distribute the form through various channels, such as messaging apps, chat platforms, or any other online platform. Recipients can simply click the link to access and complete the form.

Website Embed

Users can embed the form directly on their websites or landing pages as the chatbot. This integration provides a seamless experience for website visitors, allowing them to engage with the form without leaving the site.

QR Codes

For offline promotions or situations where a quick and easy scan is preferred, SurveySparrow offers the option to generate QR codes for the form. Respondents can use their mobile devices to scan the code, instantly accessing and filling out the form.

Social Media Sharing

The platform enables users to share the form on popular social media platforms. This option is particularly useful for reaching a broader audience and leveraging the social networks of respondents. Users can share the form directly on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

SMS Invitations

For reaching out to a specific audience through text messages, SurveySparrow provides the SMS invitations feature. Users can send personalized messages with a link to the form, making it convenient for respondents to access and complete the form directly from their mobile devices.


FAQs of Customer Inquiry Form Template


How do I create a Customer Enquiry Form with SurveySparrow?

To create this form, log in to your SurveySparrow account, go to the form builder, and follow the intuitive interface to design your form. Add questions, customize settings, and save your form.

Can I customize the appearance of my Customer Enquiry Form?

Yes, SurveySparrow provides customization options for the form’s appearance, allowing you to choose colors, fonts, and styles that align with your brand.

Is it possible to integrate SurveySparrow’s forms with my website?

Yes, SurveySparrow supports website embedding, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Customer Enquiry Forms onto your website or landing pages.

How can I collect and analyze responses from my Customer Enquiry Form?

SurveySparrow provides a dashboard where you can view and analyze responses in real-time. You can also export data in different formats for further analysis.

Are Customer Enquiry Forms mobile-friendly?

Yes, SurveySparrow’s forms are designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring a smooth experience for respondents on various devices.

Can I set up notifications for new responses to my Customer Enquiry Form?

Yes, you can configure notifications to receive alerts when new responses are submitted. This feature helps you stay informed and respond promptly to customer inquiries.

What security measures are in place to protect the data collected through SurveySparrow forms?

It implements security measures, such as SSL encryption, to protect data during transmission. They may also provide data storage and privacy features; check the platform’s security documentation for specifics.

How can I contact SurveySparrow’s support if I encounter issues?

It typically provides customer support through various channels, including email, chat, or a support ticket system. Visit their support page for contact details and assistance.

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