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Customer Review Request Form Template

Why use this customer review request form template?

Get your happy customer to share reviews and grow your brand


Collect customer reviews from multiple channels


Customer reviews are a direct parameter for anyone to measure the success of your product or service. The more positive reviews will act as testimonials for potential customers. But the challenge lies in getting reviews from them.

How many times have you, as a customer, given reviews for brands? Stats say that only 12% of the customers leave a review.

One of the major reasons for that can be your review request message is not reaching them through their preferred channels.

Here comes SurveySparrow!

Our platform offers multiple sharing options for you to collect customer reviews.

Link Sharing

Every review request form will have a URL. Customers can click on the link to access the form and type in their reviews. You can share the link directly with your customers through any communication platform

WhatsApp Share

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication tools across the globe. With our WhatsApp sharing feature, you can send personalized request messages with the survey link to your customers. You can have multiple message templates, and send different messages based on your contact lists. After completing the campaign, you can check the success rate on the platform.

QR Code Sharing

Display the QR code on your product packaging, website, pamphlets, brochures, and other promotional materials for easy access. Customers can scan the code and give their reviews. You can also place QR codes, in your offline stores and track reviews based on location.

Email Share

Emails are the most underrated channels for marketing and feedback collection. For every 1$ spent the ROI is 36$ to 40$. With the email sharing feature, our platform offers flexibility to customize the email content. Your customers can give their reviews within the email itself. Also, if they forget, you can nudge them with a scheduled reminder.

Social Share

You can collect reviews through social media platforms, and track the numbers. Use tags to improve the reach of your form. With a social share, it becomes easier for you to take immediate action and manage your brand reputation.


How does SurveySparrow help you to understand customer reviews better?


Sentiment Analysis

Enable this feature for open-ended questions to know the exact sentiments of your customers. The report displays a word cloud that gives you an idea of the most used words in the reviews helping you understand customer emotions.

Multi-lingual Support

With an in-built Google translator, you can translate your review request form into 130+ languages. After you translate the forms, you can access them in the translate tab and make manual edits for minor corrections.

Reputation Management

Do everything related to customer reviews under one feature. Send review request invites, monitor reviews from social media platforms, reply to individual customers to build trust, and create tickets for reviews.

Comprehensive Dashboard & Integrations

The in-built survey dashboard helps you to understand reviews deeply by slicing and dicing the data. Use graphs, widgets, and charts to visualize data and get insights. You can also connect the platform with Power BI for a more in-depth analysis.

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