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Customer Review Form Template

Features of this Customer Review Form Template

More Features of Customer Review Form Template

With SurveySparrow, you can not only collect customer reviews, but to understand them better using features of the platform. You can analyze the responses, improve your customer strategies and retain more customers using this custom review form.

Executive Dashboard

Our dashboard reporting allows you to quickly see an overview of all your data in one place. Easily pull data from multiple surveys to enable detailed analysis and collaboration without any headaches! You can also closely monitor critical business metrics over time with just one click. We make sure to present complex data as clearly as possible.

Styling & Branding

You may change the appearance and feel of the customer review template by customizing it using our builder. Our builder features pre-designed motifs that you can use with a single click. If you don’t like anything in the motif library, you can build your own. Choose a background color, button color, and text colors for your form. You may create your background using a CSS editor if you are familiar with codes.

Multiple Sharing Options

There are multiple ways to share the review form with your customers. You can generate a unique sharing link and share it through SMS or email. You can also customize every element of the email, including the subject line, and embed it into your website with just a short code.

White-label Form

Keep track of your surveys and make sure they’re consistent in tone with the rest of your business. Customize the branding on your surveys to match yours to keep them consistent with your company’s voice. You might create a separate domain that includes your brand name, which may help you get candid reviews.

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