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Competitor Analysis Questionnaire Template

The Competitor Analysis Questionnaire Template is for businesses aiming to gain an edge in their market. Essential for brands and strategists, this template provides a systematic approach to gathering insights about competitors, empowering you to position yourself effectively. Share this survey with your potential customers and target them better than your competitors.

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Features of Competitor Analysis Questionnaire Template

Kickstart your market research with competitor analysis questionnaire template


Use Cases of Competitor Analysis Questionnaire Template


Start-up Strategy Formulation

In the bustling realm of start-ups, understanding the competition can be the difference between success and stagnation. The Questionnaire Template offers new businesses a structured way to gather insights about market leaders or emerging players. By assessing product features, pricing strategies, customer perceptions, and more, start-ups can carve out a unique value proposition, ensuring they don’t just blend into the market noise but make a resonating impact.

Product Launches

Before launching a new product, brands need to know the competitive landscape. Utilizing the Analysis Questionnaire Template, companies can gather insights about similar products, consumer preferences, and potential market gaps. With this data, businesses can refine their product features, marketing strategies, and pricing, ensuring a successful and impactful launch.

Market Expansion

When a business looks to enter a new geographic region or demographic segment, gauging the existing competition becomes paramount. The template allows firms to understand local competitors, their offerings, strengths, and weaknesses. With such in-depth knowledge, businesses can tailor their strategies, ensuring they resonate with the new target audience while outshining the competition.

Brand Revamps

Rebranding or brand repositioning often necessitates a deep understanding of where competitors stand in customer perceptions. The Template aids brands in capturing these insights. By understanding how competitors are perceived, brands can redefine themselves in a way that’s both fresh and appealing, ensuring their revamped identity strikes a chord with consumers.


Benefits of Competitor Analysis Questionnaire Template


Conversational UI

By making the questionnaire process conversational and engaging with the use of emojis, gifs, and interactive messages, respondents are more likely to complete the survey. This leads to higher completion rates and more data collected. Presenting one question at a time helps in guiding respondents through the questionnaire without overwhelming them, ensuring more thoughtful and accurate responses.

Multiple Question Types

The use of diverse question types (e.g., multiple choice, open-ended, rank order) enables the collection of a wide range of data, from quantitative insights to qualitative feedback. This variety can lead to more nuanced understandings of competitor strengths and weaknesses. With data collected through various question types, businesses can perform a more detailed and multifaceted analysis, leading to better-informed decisions.

Translation with Google Translate

Translating the questionnaire into multiple languages can significantly widen the pool of respondents, ensuring the inclusion of feedback from different geographical locations and cultural backgrounds. By allowing respondents to answer in their preferred language, the accuracy and reliability of the responses can improve, leading to more actionable insights.

Multiple Formats (Conversational, Single Page Form, Chatbot)

Offering the questionnaire in different formats provides flexibility in how it’s deployed, allowing businesses to choose the most effective method based on their audience and context. Different users have different preferences; providing multiple formats ensures the questionnaire is accessible to a wider audience, increasing the potential response rate.

File Upload and Signature Features

Enabling respondents to upload documents related to competitor analysis enriches the data collected, offering more depth to the analysis. You can also collect signatures and consent through the questionnaire. This adds a layer of verification and legal compliance, especially important for sensitive or proprietary information.


Sample Competitor Analysis Survey Questions


  1. How do you perceive our competitors’ products and services compared to ours?
  2. What are the key differentiators between our products and those of our competitors?
  3. How do our competitors’ prices compare to ours?
  4. What do you like and dislike about our competitors’ products and services?
  5. How do our competitors’ sales pitches differ from ours?
  6. What are the main features of our competitors’ products?
  7. How do our competitors’ services compare to ours?
  8. How do our competitors’ customer support and success services compare to ours?
  9. How do our competitors’ marketing materials differ from ours?
  10. How do our competitors’ sales and marketing strategies differ from ours?


How to use this competitor analysis questionnaire template?


Step 1. Customize Your Questionnaire

Start by customizing the appearance of your questionnaire to match your brand identity. You can edit background colors, fonts, and even add a video background to make the survey visually engaging. Customize the welcome and thank you pages to greet respondents warmly and appreciate their participation.

Add, remove, or modify the competitor analysis survey questions to tailor the questionnaire to your specific needs. Utilize SurveySparrow’s AI wing feature to rephrase questions for clarity and impact. For those with web development skills, CSS can be used for advanced customization, offering complete control over the survey’s look and feel.

Step 2. Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Integrate your survey with third-party applications to streamline the data collection process. Set up an automation to record all responses directly into a Google Sheet. This allows you to leverage Google Sheets’ features to segment and organize the information efficiently, making analysis simpler and more effective.

Step 3. Share Your Questionnaire

Use multiple sharing options to ensure your questionnaire is easily accessible. Share your survey through direct links, SMS, email campaigns, social media platforms, embed it on a webpage, or use a QR code for easy access. These diverse sharing options increase the likelihood of high response rates, ensuring you gather a wide range of insights.

Step 4. Analyze the Results

Once the responses start coming in, you can export the data to CSV for in-depth analysis. Additionally, the dashboard offers filters and widgets that allow you to sift through the data effectively. Use these tools to identify trends, patterns, and valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies and market positioning.


What are the best practices to follow for creating a competitor analysis questionnaire?


When creating a competitor analysis questionnaire, it is essential to structure it effectively to gather valuable insights. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Product Information: Collect details about competitors’ product range, pricing, quality, special offers, and loyalty programs to understand their market positioning and customer appeal.
  • Conjoint Analysis: Incorporate conjoint analysis to assess the bundle of product features that customers value most, providing deeper insights into competitive advantages.
  • Usage and Attitudes Study: Conduct a Usage and Attitudes (U&A) study to explore customers’ purchasing behaviors, preferences, and how these are influenced by opinions and attitudes towards competitors.
  • Sales Data and Processes: Include questions about competitors’ sales data and processes to gain insights into what drives their sales in the market, helping you understand their strategies better.
  • Marketing Strategies: Evaluate competitors’ marketing materials to identify effective strategies and messaging that resonate with customers, enabling you to refine your own marketing approach

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