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Product Pricing Survey Template

Features of this Product Pricing Survey

More Features of Product Pricing Survey Template

With this Product pricing survey, you can assess the parameters on which the product is priced and how satisfied your customers are with the pricing. Using SurveySparrow you can track the responses and gain necessary information from the customers.

Skip/Display Logic

Use display/skip logic feature to make the price survey template more relevant and less time-consuming. Use the display logic to add criteria to the form that will determine which questions are to be displayed to the respondents. Turn on the skip logic to lead customers to questions based on their prior answers.

Google Sheet Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with Google Sheet lets you collect all the template responses directly into spreadsheets. Turn on the integration on your tab and once the respondent completes the survey it is recorded in the sheet. You can create cases and generate reports based on the responses recorded.

Conversational UI

This feature aids in making the survey interactive for the customers by keeping them engaged. Make the survey appealing to the customer by adding emojis, gifs and short interactive messages.

Share at Ease

This price survey can be shared via email, SMS, or weblinks. Embed inside email and customize the email text the way you want. You can also share QR codes with your potential customers which makes the survey easily accessible.

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