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Brand Ambassador Application Form Template

Propel your brand to new heights with our comprehensive Brand Ambassador Application Form Template. Quickly filter out applications and find those individuals ready to enhance and amplify your brand. Give your Brand Ambassador Program a much-needed boost today!

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Features of Brand Ambassador Application Form Template

Select right personality for your brand with this application form template

The Benefits of Brand Ambassador Application Form Template

Mobile-Friendly Design

Our template’s mobile-friendly design makes it easy for your potential ambassadors to fill out the form on any device. The design adjusts itself according to the screen size. With CSS customization, you can also code elements in the background that get aligned based on screen orientation.

Video Uploading Feature

Go beyond text-based answers and allow applicants to upload videos about them. Get a clear understanding of the applicant's personality by going through their video resumes. Choose the most suitable brand ambassador from the list of applicants.

File Upload Feature

File upload feature helps you collect applicants' portfolios through forms. Applicants can either drag and drop their portfolios or upload them using buttons. You can access the portfolios in the dashboard and save time in two and fro communication. Take decisions faster, and grow your brand!

Skip/Display Logic

Personalize the application filling experience by making it more relevant to the applicant. Using the skip/display logic feature ask relevant follow-up questions based on the previous answers. This makes the form concise, cutting out all irrelevant questions. You can also use the piping feature to display options from one multiple-choice question to another.

Data Privacy

SurveySparrow aligns with different requirements related to data compliance including GDPR, CGPA, and HIPAA. All data collected during the application filling process is safe and secure.

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How to Use the Brand Ambassador Application Form Template

Start by clicking on “Use this Template” button beside the template preview.

You will be asked to create a free account with SurveySparrow.

Once you create your account, the template will open in the form builder.

You can customize the background design, welcome screen, and questions based on your type of business. Access images from an inbuilt library of Unsplash and Giphy.

Try AI Wings feature to get the tone right!

Choose right question types from 20+ options from the library. You can also use Question Catalogue to add questions for different types of brand ambassador application form.

Once the form is ready, you can connect with external apps and tools like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Aweber, and more.

Now, your form is ready to be shared with your applicants.

Collect brand ambassador applications through direct form link, SMS, webpage embed, email embed, or QR code.

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