Features of this KYC Form Template

More Feature of KYC Form Template

Besides the features mentioned above, SurveySparrow has more that makes collecting KYC details from your customer super-easy! This online KYC form template can be used at different touchpoints, and you can offer your customers multiple options to submit KYC. You can also customize this into an employee KY form using our builder.

QR Code

Businesses can generate a digital or printed copy of the QR code and display it on their website, allowing customers or employees to quickly and easily scan it with their smartphones to submit KYC details without requiring long queues. This can improve customer satisfaction and allow staff to focus on other critical tasks. Using a QR code also reduces the risk of errors and provides a secure and efficient means of collecting customer information. Adopting QR code technology offers a convenient and streamlined solution for KYC compliance.

KYC Chatbot

Customize this template into a chatbot and embed it on your website or mobile banking app. The chatbot can conversationally engage with customers and gather their KYC information in compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, the chatbot link can be shared via email, enhancing customer engagement and convenience. This approach offers an efficient and effective solution for businesses looking to improve the customer experience while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Photo Capture

Customers or employees can easily take a picture using their selfie or laptop camera, eliminating the need to worry about size limits or file formats. This can increase compliance rates while improving customer satisfaction. By streamlining the process of uploading digital pictures, businesses can reduce the chances of errors and enhance data accuracy. Adopting a photo capture question offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for KYC compliance.

Skip/Display Logic

Businesses can ask only the necessary KYC details related to the customer, making the form concise and skipping unnecessary questions. For instance, customers can only be prompted to provide details about their spouse after indicating they are married. This approach ensures businesses collect accurate and relevant information while reducing customer frustration and form abandonment rates. By customizing the KYC form, businesses can enhance their overall data quality and customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Offline KYC Form

Install this KYC form template on a kiosk or tablet, enabling a smooth walk-in KYC facility at a bank. This feature can be used remotely without connectivity and works similarly to an online KYC form. By installing it on a tablet, businesses can make it easier for KYC executives to collect customer data at their doorstep. This approach provides a convenient and efficient solution for customers who prefer face-to-face interactions and can improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, the KYC form can be customized to meet specific business needs and regulatory requirements, ensuring the collected data is accurate and relevant. The feature offers a user-friendly and effective solution for KYC compliance in various settings.

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