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Allow your consumers’ banking to become more convenient. Provide support to your consumers and ask all appropriate questions in a conversational tone with no blabbering. Use this finance chatbot to collect the information you need without boring them.

Create with No-code

Are you concerned about coding? Don’t give yourself a headache. You’re in good hands with SurveySparrow. Yes, you read that correctly. All you have to do is copy and paste the auto-generated embed code into your website. We’ll take care of the rest. Any voluntary changes you make will be automatically reflected there.

Conditional Logic Branching

Why freeze your responders’ minds by bombarding them with irrelevant inquiries when we have a solution? To create the conversation’s direction, simply use display/skip logic. Select questions based on their responses to earlier inquiries.

Voice Transcription

Save your respondents’ time by not having them type their responses. For this reason, SurveySparrow has a unique function called voice transcription, which allows them to fill in all of the details using only their voice.

Real-time Data Analysis

With so much information, it can be difficult to make sense of it all and make decisions. If you use this banking chatbot, you will be able to analyze the data by filtering responses and exporting reports in various forms. With our compare function, you may cross-tabulate responses.

Case Management

Raise, organize, prioritize & resolve tickets. Once you’ve received your clients’ requests or inquiries through this chatbot, route them to the right team members to expedite the process. Set many activities in motion, being sure to record each reaction, and bring the loop to a close in style! There are no interactions that are missing!

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