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ACH Authorization Form Template

This ACH authorization form template allows a lender to safely and securely obtain their client’s consent to deduct money from their bank account for services rendered. Ensure your business’ safety and help customers identify a genuine transaction easily with this customizable and secure template.

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Features of our ACH Authorization Form Template

Simplify and secure payment authorizations with our ACH Authorization Form Template

This ACH authorization form template is the ultimate solution for all your safe and secure payment collection needs. While you’ve already learned some of its useful features, we‘d like you to make the best use of our forms by knowing about these other functionalities too. Read on, entrepreneur!

Collect Signatures

What good are authorizations without getting the signature of the authorized personnel? You can easily collect one or more signatures using SurveySparrow’s signature-type question, just like we’ve displayed in our ACH form template above. Go above and beyond and eliminate the need for physical signatures by allowing your respondents to draw, type or upload their signatures, all electronically. This way, you help them out by eliminating the need for them to be physically present in your office space while storing it safely on your servers. You can also experiment with many more question types.


Are you a banking institution looking to send out banking authorization forms that will represent you? Well, you got it. Create brand awareness, flaunt your bank’s name, and stand out from the crowd and competition by enabling end-to-end white labeling on your forms. If your bank or any other institution has a logo, you could use that, just like we’ve used one on our ACH payment form template above. You could also bring in your fonts and color palettes and style your forms according to your needs. Host your authorization forms on your unique domain, also.

Secure Forms

Everyone prefers safe and secure forms, especially when payments are involved. Say hello to our end-to-end secure ACH payment form template with multiple layers of safety enabled. Secure your forms using SSL by transferring encrypted data over the internet. You can also keep a record of the IP addresses to track clients and prevent spamming. Yet another way to ensure safety is by protecting your payment forms with a password to limit access. These are just the tip of the iceberg—high data security, GDPR compliance, and more, exclusively for your needs.


We live in times where payments are made through not just physical methods but by online methods too. With these quick payment options coming in, there’s no surprise that more and more people are looking to authorize payments through their mobile phones. With SurveySparrow’s mobile-friendly surveys, you can give your clients an excellent mobile viewing and authorizing experience. This improves response rates and ensures they don’t drop off during the process, thereby enhancing the completion rates. Check out our free ACH authorization form template and enable the mobile view to see our discussion. See it to believe it!

Multi-Share Options

Whatever your business or service is, your clients may differ from one another, and so will the scale of their operations. While some would prefer their forms to be circulated through email, others would want to access them via other channels like SMS or a website. Meet their needs fully by creating a blank ACH authorization form template and circulating them through various mediums. If you’re a physical financial institution or any other organization, you could place QR codes near your payment desk and let clients scan and authorize them easily. You could also bring all your clients into a single portal and distribute your forms.


Use Cases for ACH Authorization Form Template


Businesses Implementing Electronic Payments

This template streamlines the authorization process for businesses transitioning from traditional payment methods to electronic transactions. It allows businesses to customize the form to include pertinent transaction details, ensuring that customers provide explicit consent for ACH transactions. This helps businesses enhance operational efficiency while complying with ACH regulations.

Subscription-based Services and Recurring Payments

Businesses offering subscription-based services or managing recurring payments can utilize this template to obtain authorization for regular ACH debits. By customizing the form to include terms of recurring payments and cancellation policies, businesses ensure that customers provide clear consent for ongoing transactions, reducing payment disputes and ensuring continuity of services.

Nonprofit Organizations and Donation Collections

This template benefits nonprofits seeking to collect donations or membership fees via ACH transactions. It enables organizations to securely create authorization forms that capture donor information and transaction details. Clear authorization language ensures donors understand and consent to recurring donations, fostering trust and increasing donation collection efficiency.

Financial Institutions and Loan Payments

With this template, financial institutions that use ACH for loan repayments can streamline authorization. Institutions obtain explicit consent for recurring loan repayments by customizing the form to include loan specifics and payment terms. This ensures ACH compliance and minimizes payment processing errors or delays.


Best Practices for ACH Authorization Process


Transparent and Detailed Authorization: Ensure your authorization forms are clear, concise, and contain all necessary information. Include the purpose of the ACH transactions, the frequency, the amount, and the authorization duration.

Consent and Acknowledgment: Obtain explicit consent from the account holder before initiating ACH transactions. They acknowledge the terms and conditions, including any potential fees or penalties.

Secure Storage of Authorization Forms: Safeguard all authorization forms securely. Protect sensitive information to prevent unauthorized access or misuse.

Verification Process: Implement a verification step to authenticate the account holder’s identity before processing any ACH transactions. This can include using multi-factor authentication or other secure verification methods.

Clear Cancellation Procedures: Provide account holders with clear instructions on how to revoke or cancel the authorization. Ensure the process is straightforward and easily accessible.

Regular Reviews and Updates: Periodically review authorization forms and update them as necessary to comply with any regulatory changes or updates in best practices.

Compliance with Regulations: Adhere to all relevant regulations, including those outlined by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), to ensure compliance with ACH rules and guidelines.

Communication and Transparency: Maintain open communication with account holders regarding ACH transactions. Inform them beforehand about any changes in terms, schedules, or fees.

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