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How to leverage NPS to build advocacy

Genre Customer Experience
Duration9 mins
FeaturingIrit Eizips


It’s no secret that loyal customers build the foundation for any successful companies. They drive more traffic into sales by referring to their friends & families. It is the ideal way for any company to expand & grow their customer base.

This is why it’s most important to know what your customer needs & expects from you accurately. NPS lets you know how confident they are about your product & services with the ultimate question, ‘How likely are you to recommend us to your friends & family?’. They are then divided into three categories based on the answers they gave. The customers who responded with 9-10 are called your promoters, with the score 7-8 are your passives & the ones who marked anything between 0-5 are your detractors

Identify your Promoters

The ones who are absolutely happy with your products and think you are recommend-worthy comes under promoters. Identifying them is crucial because they’re your advocates. Identifying them lets you nurture them the right way. Giving the usual discounts can’t help you keep them promoters for long. Give them better experiences by giving them surprises or exclusive rewards, appreciating their loyalty.

Build a Playbook

Have a consistent playbook that gives clear instructions to your team members regarding who does what, when. This book should also draw out the escalation points as transparently as possible. A well defined, sometimes fully automated call-to-action program helps you identify critical insights & notify the right team to handle it.

Always Close the Loop & Make it Personal

It goes without saying that the Net Promoter Score is beneficial for building an effective customer loyalty growth strategy for your organization, no matter what your industry is. But inactively sitting on heaps of responses are as good as not collecting any responses. Close the feedback loop every single time to drive customer loyalty and to turn your average passive customer into a fanatic advocate of your brand.



Irit Eizips

Irit Eizips

Chief Customer Officer & CEO, CSM Practice

An expert in helping companies scale customer success operations, Irit Eizips has been pivotal in shaping CS methodologies and best practices. She brings with her a positive attitude and a detail-oriented approach. Her ability to build rapport with her clients easily is well-known.

She is known to be a rare professional who sees the human side of every relationship. She is considered a subject matter expert who is insightful, fast, and organized. Irit works towards adding value to her clients, knowing their needs. She has consistently voted for top CS strategist since 2013.