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How Does Customer Success Make Your Company More Money

Genre Customer Experience
Duration4 mins
FeaturingJulie Wu


Customer acquisition is pricey & all the biggest brands in the world know that. The smarter strategy would be tapping into the existing roster of customers. The success of your business is fundamentally intertwined with that of your customers. If customers succeed in using your product or services, they will continue their association with you. The immense value you deliver & the deep-rooted relationship of your customers with you are going to transform them into your raving fans.

Boosting Upselling & Cross-selling

Find ways to create complementary products or services that you can market & sell to your existing customers. It could be an upgrade to the current products & services, or a new line-up, upselling & cross-selling are the biggest advantages to customer success. It is an enormous revenue stream, & will also help your customers solve more problems or achieve their goals better.

Aligning Client’s OKRs with Company Goals

The truth is that your customers are a gold mine of wealth. They have immense data and knowledge that can radically transform your business. The best way to ensure growth for your business is to solve your customer’s problems.  Align your roadmap with client expectations & customer needs for faster growth & increased revenue.

Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Most businesses underestimate the need for the necessity to develop an authentic relationship with their customers. Once you’ve successfully established a bond with your clients, selling becomes more of a byproduct rather than the central pursuit. An active customer loyalty program or any such initiative can help you go a long way.



Julie Wu

Julie Wu

Director of Customer Success, Bitly

Julie Wu is known to have a rare combination of business IQ and relationship EQ. She brings knowledge, determinism, and a smile to her roles. Her ability to add to the business sense of her clients is well known.

She has proven her skills in the fields of online advertising, market research, lead generation, sales and management, SEM, CRM, and more. Considered as a tremendous asset by her collegaues, Julie Wu has brought in quantifiable improvements across her areas of work.