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How to Create a High Performing Culture?

Genre Employee Experience
Duration6 mins
FeaturingGordon Tredgold


Spoiler alert: It is not the latest technology, leaned out processes, extra employee benefits, or a ping-pong table in the office that caters to a high-performing culture.

Managers consider corporate culture as something that is hard to measure or change. Hence, many choose not to invest in strategies despite all the proofs and tools available.

Businesses often nourish and invest in growing a customer base rather than cultivating a pleasant work culture. It is not as hard as it seems to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Listen to our webinar with Gordon Tredgold and learn all the reasons why your business is failing to scale up the customer base.

If you have, read ahead. Know exactly how to create a high-performing culture and be strong within!

A High-Performing Culture

“Culture is what guides people when there is nobody to lead them.”
And this is why having a high-performing culture is of utmost significance. It ensures that your employees are motivated enough, passionate enough, and loyal enough to work even when you are not there to supervise them. A high-performing culture happens when your employees are completely engaged and present quality work on their own.

Steps to Nurture a High-Performing Culture

Say it

“Create a culture that is very simple and easy to understand.”
Your culture should be easily explainable. It shouldn’t be a 20-page long document that goes on and on about the do’s and don’ts. A culture as simple as ‘We care’ can work magic for you. “‘We care about our customers, about the quality of our work and the members of our team.” It is plain and straightforward for everyone to understand what success looks like, and your employees can align themselves with your business’s goals.

Live it

“People don’t just listen to what you say, but see what you do.”
After you have defined and shared what your culture is, it’s time to live by it. Show that you care about your team, your customers, and the quality of work done, to create a culture that you want.
“If you don’t live by the culture that you want to create, it will never happen.”

Reinforce it

“Every time somebody does something that shows that they care, give positive feedback.”
The only way to reinforce the culture that you have now defined, shared, and created is by ‘Recognition.’ Celebrate your values through actions and be sure to give rewards whenever they do something going out of their way. There’s nothing better than appreciation to reinforce the belief that you care about them.



Gordon Tredgold

Gordon Tredgold

CEO, Leadership Principles LLC

Passionate about leadership, Gordon Tredgold enjoys building successful teams, coaching and developing people, creating strategies to turn around under-performing teams and failing projects, or delivering complex change programs. A speaker, writer, coach and a teacher, Gordon is all about simplifying leadership.

He shows people how to create engaged, empowered, and excited teams that will achieve amazing results. His communications skills and knowledge in the field are well-appreciated by his colleagues.