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How Little Wows Add Up to a Big Sale

Genre Customer Experience
Duration9 mins
FeaturingDennis Snow


‘Customer experience is the new marketing!’

According to the most recent study published by the Temkin group, companies can expect to earn, on average, a 70% increase in revenue within 36 months of investing in Customer Experience. Most sustainable businesses rely on their loyal, repeat customers. Hence it’s critical to learn how to make your customers absolutely happy with your brand.

Many companies treat customer service and customer experience interchangeably. Customer service is about resolving short-term issues while customer experience is all about evolving an emotional and personal relationship with your customer.

In this age, good customer service and delivering the promises are no longer enough to ‘wow’ your customers. So how do little wows add up to a big sale?

The Little Things Matter

From a smile to a friendly helping gesture, it is the little things that take up the most in your customer’s mind. You might have to deal with thousands of customers every day, and it would be impossible to be ‘present’ with each customer’s entire experience. Nevertheless, a welcoming smile while they are entering your business or keeping the experience personalized as simple as calling them by their names can add the wow element.

It is only when the customer has a positive experience; they have a reason to come back. It is not the rides, or the attractions or the shows that the customer is really buying, but it is the experience.

Identify Where to Add the Wow Moment

Adding a wow moment doesn’t have to be pricey or time-consuming. It could be as simple as the waiter in a restaurant making small talks while escorting the guests to their table. This helps to build an emotional connection to the waiter and eventually to the business. They sure are going to come back to the same restaurant after that delightfully personalized experience. Studies say that people are willing to spend more for a better, personalized experience.

Make a list of all the fundamental customer interactions that are already present in your customer lifecycle. Identify where & how to add the wow moment in every step of the way.

Create a Series of Wow Moments

A moment on its own wouldn’t look like much. But in the end, the overall experience with all those ‘wow’ moments intricated into it makes all the difference. This helps you to stand out from your competitors. Creating a unique experience help, you create happy, loyal customers. At Disney, every stage in the customer journey is utilized to add the wow moments. People have to shell out a lot of money, and yet when they leave, they say ‘ I just want to come back.’ That’s the power of adding wow moments to the customer experience.



Dennis Snow

Dennis Snow

President, Snow & Associates

As a customer service expert, Dennis Snow focuses on helping clients achieve "walk-through-fire" customer loyalty. He is a full-time speaker, trainer, and consultant who helps organizations achieve goals related to customer service, employee development, and leadership. His passion and experience with customer service is known to be a byproduct of his 20 years at Walt Disney World.

Dennis has experience teaching corporate philosophy and business practices. His keynote speeches, training programs, and consulting engagements focus on critical customer success factors including delivering the ideal customer experience, leadership development, and employee engagement.