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Customer Success Culture

GenreCustomer Experience
Duration14 mins
FeaturingDavid Sakamoto


Customer success is not as simple as setting a team and telling them, ‘Make the customers happy.’ It is, in its truest essence, a business methodology. Customer success is about ensuring that your customers can achieve their desired outcomes from using your product or services. It’s not just a role or department. Embracing customer success across the organization lets you perform amazingly well & increase their recurring revenue, consistently.

Bring value from all teams

Customer retention cannot be the sole responsibility of the customer success team. From sales to marketing to operations, product, and engineering – every team or department in the organization has their role to play. For e.g., if the sales oversell the product or are selling the product to the wrong customers, it will be almost impossible for the customer success to meet their retention goals.

Meeting the company’s retention goals requires participation from every other team in place.

Align the company goals

It’s quintessential to ensure & enforce that the company goals are aligned to that of marketing goals. The company has to have a clear understanding of how the product fits into or enhances the customer’s world. Everyone needs to know who their ideal customers are. What they like, why they buy, & what causes friction.

It is this knowledge that lets you win your customer’s attention, time, & money.

Establish a solid process

You’re going to have put in the hard work & effort to make your customers choose you over & over again. There’s a natural tendency for the vendors & customers to drift apart as the market & needs change. Put in cleverly designed strategies like loyalty programs to build stronger customer relationships. Reduce customer churn & generate upsell with this customer engagement approach.

Implement a robust process that the teams can follow, which primarily focuses on customer development that addresses & resolves customer concerns.

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