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Flyin: A Sparrow Rehabilitation Effort
Flyin: A Sparrow Rehabilitation Effort
MARCH 2024

The House sparrow's story is the ultimate tale of adaptation and coexistence. For instance, did you know that they successfully thrived alongside humans for more than a thousand years? In fact, unique among wild birds, house sparrows have gone beyond mere adaptation, to actually being dependent on human buildings for nesting sites.

And it’s been that way, until now.

The very adaptations that enabled sparrows to become our companions have also made them vulnerable to the changes of modern life - rapid urbanization, modern agricultural practices, and so on. Now, it’s likely you may recall how rarely we hear them outside our homes. 

As Rakesh Khatri, the "Nest Man of India," rightly puts it, “progress should not come at the cost of nature's home.”

Inspired by this knowledge, SparrowCare embarked on a mission close to heart: Fly In for Feathered Friends. This initiative, launched with Koodugal, an NGO dedicated to sparrow rehabilitation, aimed at reintroducing the merry sparrows into urban settings once again. 

In February 2024, our employees actively volunteered to build sparrow homes across our offices in India, along with our founder and CEO, Shihab Muhammed. Taking these birdhouses to their homes, our employees helped shelter sparrows in their communities.

 But the journey didn't stop at our offices. 

The initiative paved the way for a collaboration with a Government School in Chennai.

The initiative paved the way for a collaboration with a Government School in Chennai, where in celebration of World Sparrow Day, alongside young students, we built more sparrow houses. Through these combined efforts, we have built close to 2000 sparrow homes this year, hoping to revive a critical part of our ecosystem while marking a significant milestone in our journey. 

We believe Fly In for Feathered Friends is more than just an initiative; we hope it stands as a testament to our belief in coexistence and our commitment to a world where nature thrives, no matter where.