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EmpowHer: Inclusive Menstrual Care
EmpowHer: Inclusive Menstrual Care
MARCH 2024

Picture a world where the simple act of going to school becomes a challenge every few days, every single month for a young girl. Unfortunately, we don’t have to think too hard to imagine this. In more places than not, this is the harsh reality. reality where the basic right to menstrual care still remains far out of reach.

A reality where the basic right to menstrual care still remains far out of reach.

Recognizing these real-world disparities, SparrowCare inaugurated the initiative, 'EmpowHer' on International Women's Day 2024. This crucial effort is aimed directly at combating period poverty, a challenge that significantly affects young women's health and education, yet often goes unnoticed.

Working alongside the Women's Education and Economic Development Society (WEEDS), a pivotal force in promoting gender equality and social empowerment since 1989, we set out to address the limited access young women have to menstrual hygiene products. By installing 12 sanitary pad vending machines in 8 schools across Chennai, including institutions like Adi Dravidar Government High School in Kolathuvancheri, Thandalam, and Govt Girls Hr Sec School in Kundrathur, we believe we've made a tangible step towards providing the dignity of menstrual care.

The issue of period poverty, which impacts millions globally, extends beyond health risks. It perpetuates a social stigma, distancing those affected from crucial educational and community opportunities. Offering free, accessible menstrual hygiene products, 'EmpowHer' aims to remove interruptions in education, cultivating an environment of inclusivity where students are encouraged to actively engage in their learning paths.

Looking forward, this project is just the start of our ongoing effort to support and empower women in all communities, emphasizing menstrual hygiene as a basic right, not a luxury.

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The initiative paved the way for a collaboration with a Government School in Chennai, where in celebration of World Sparrow Day, alongside young students, we built more sparrow houses. Through these combined efforts, we have built close to 2000 sparrow homes this year, hoping to revive a critical part of our ecosystem while marking a significant milestone in our journey. 

We believe Fly In for Feathered Friends is more than just an initiative; we hope it stands as a testament to our belief in coexistence and our commitment to a world where nature thrives, no matter where.