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Build a stronger candidate pipeline end-to-end. Hire the right talents for you, the no code way!

Applicant Tracking System

Meet the best No-Code Applicant Tracking System

Hopping in & out of dozens of software & getting lost in a sea of spreadsheets.
Employee acquisition can get overwhelming real quick.

SurveySparrow lets you host your own applicant tracking system without having to write a single line of code. From reaching out to eligible candidates to screening the right talents for your organization, we help you run the show, no-code style!

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Do it the no-code way. Here’s how!

Build your applicant tracking system, end-to-end, without ever having to write a single line of code.
It’s quick. It’s easy. And, definitely better.

Design your Applicant Tracker

Create a no-code tracker from scratch, or choose one from our pre-built templates. From emojis to images, & GIFs, the builder has everything you need to keep it as engaging and conversational you want it to be.

Design your Applicant Tracker

Deliver a personalized
candidate experience

Customize your applicant tracker system to fit your requirements, even better. Add logic to control the survey flow as you prefer. You can also add params & custom variables to personalize the tracker, & boost engagement, effortlessly.

Deliver a personalized candidate experience

Add your company branding

Customize the applicant tracker system to match your brand in a wink. With HTML CSS, edit every pixel to attain the look & feel your desire. From Custom URL to Custom domains reflect your brand all the way!

Add your company branding

Shortlist the best talents, as tickets.

Convert your shortlisted applicants into tickets, in a click. Rank them by priority, , add remarks, share private notes with interviewers, schedule interviews, accept or reject applications - All done in one dashboard.

Shortlist the best talents, as tickets.

Embed it to reach more candidates

Engaging the right talents wherever they’re is crucial. You can either embed it in your website, or share it via email, sms or even QR code. With social share, you can also reach out to the candidate pool on social media.

Embed it to reach more candidates

Screening the applicants

Define who your ideal candidate is, and filter the rest out. Add variables, set conditions and design workflows based on the respondent property to screen the right candidate for your business.

Screening the applicants

Hiring funnel touchpoints,
at a glance

Imagine a dashboard with eye-catching visualizations that highlight the key elements of your entire hiring process, from status to insights. Invite collaboration or share it to stakeholders. Meet, Executive Dashboard!

Hiring funnel touchpoints, at a glance

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Google Sheets
Bamboo HR
SurveySparrow powers your Surveys

SurveySparrow powers
your Surveys

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