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Ever wondered how loyal your customers are to your brand? And how likely are they to recommend you to a friend/colleague? Well, the Net Promoter Score is the finest metric that helps you gauge customer loyalty by leveraging the power of customer referrals and recommendations. Use our Free Net Promoter Score Calculator and find your score, right away!

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What’s the formula to calculate NPS?

To calculate your net promoter score, here are 4 simple steps.


Get the number of promoters, passives, and detractors.


Collect the total number of responses you have received.


Compute the percentage of promoters and detractors with respect to this total.


Compute your NPS by subtracting the percentage of detractors from promoters.

NPS = % of Promoters – % of Detractors

We’ll walk you through the formula using an example.

  • Suppose 50 customers have given you a rating of 9 or 10, 30 customers have given a 7 or 8, while 20 customers have given a rating that's less than 6.
  • Thus, you have 50 promoters, 30 passives, and 20 detractors.
  • The total number of respondents=100
  • The percentage of promoters=50%, while the percentage of detractors=20%.
  • Your Net Promoter Score=50-20=30

The net promoter score varies from -100 to +100. A positive score for your NPS is always a good sign.

Is your Net Promoter Score good or bad?

To interpret the nature of your net promoter score, there are two methods.

Absolute Method

When you are analyzing your NPS using the absolute method, any score above 0 is deemed a great score. A positive score means that your customers are willing to stick to your brand and recommend it whole-heartedly. Here, you can set the score as the threshold from which it must be improved in the future.

Relative Method

In this method, your NPS is benchmarked with the industry value to understand where you stand compared to your competitors. It is always a good practice to benchmark your NPS to self-evaluate and identify your biggest competitors.

What’s next after you calculate NPS?

Now that you know your NPS, what’s the next step your business should take? It’s time for some course of action!

Interpret your Net Promoter Score

Like we discussed in the previous section, analyze your NPS using absolute or relative methods. Always make efforts to improve your score over time and keep a tab on the industry trends and competitor scores, as well.

Spot and interpret trends

Segment your net promoter score based on various filters, like the location, and identify the trends. Also, monitor how the score has varied with time- over the week, month, and year.

Close the Loop

Promote your promoters, pacify the passives, and delight your detractors. Learn from the insights. Reach out to your customers and close the feedback loop.

Wish to know all about NPS?

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