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What is a Form Builder?

An online form builder is a tool to create highly customizable online web forms for actionable data and feedback collection. A form builder software is one of the most popular data collection tools used by businesses across any domain. It is often used for collecting feedback data in real-time, capturing lead information in a matter of seconds, and drilling out crucial insights.

Create Order Forms, Web Forms,
or Contact Forms in Seconds


Build highly engaging, conversational, and easy to use feedback forms


Share responsive forms via various platforms or embed them in websites or blogs


Receive valuable insights from the responses & gain new perspectives


Create a well-structured course of action for improvement

SurveySparrow’s No-Code Form Builder

SurveySparrow’s free online form builder helps you create highly customizable forms without writing any codes. While the conversational style makes it engaging, features like question piping, custom params, and variables make it truly personalized. Get 40% higher response rates & actionable data.

Custom CSS with
Drag & Drop Questions

Drag and drop to shuffle the question order of your form using SurveySparrow’s free online form builder. Choose from our template library to add more life in the form of themes to your forms. This online form creator lets you design every tiny detail of your web form - from color, font, background, and appearance.

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Share Forms With Just a Click

SurveySparrow’s online data collection forms help to share your web forms or easily embed them on your website. Share forms via email, weblink, social media, or using a scannable QR code. Pick the channel based on your use case and use the embed option for lead capture & website feedback.

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Capture Data Real-time
& Analyze In-depth

The best web form creators are storehouses of vital data. Capture real-time data and store it securely. With features like advanced reports filters and cross-tabulation, get clean and customized reports that are PDF & SPPS-ready. Receive reports in your inbox daily, weekly, or at any preferred time.

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Skip Logic & Display Logic
For Smart Forms

Build smart web forms using the conditional logic branching of our form builder software. Display logic asks questions only when certain conditions are met or while skip logic bypasses irrelevant questions based on the respondent’s answers. Make your web forms smarter and engaging with SurveySparrow’s form creator.

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Integration With Hundreds of Apps

Integrate your web forms with hundreds of apps out there. Add new contact entries to MailChimp & Salesforce, get notified in Slack, or create new cards in Trello. Design automated workflows to update leads in HubSpot or create tickets in Zendesk with our form builder using Webhooks & API.

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How to Create a Form?

You can create a form in just a few seconds using SurveySparrow’s form builder. Create a new form, select the question
type, and apply powerful logic to create feedback forms, payment forms or contact forms. Here are some pointers on some
best practices of successful form creation.

Make it conversational

Create webforms that strike conversations with your audience.

Collect actionable data from your respondents by engaging with them.

Get creative

Use Question piping and custom params to create smart forms

Personalize your web forms or order forms for high engagement

Ask only relevant questions

Use logic branching to dodge all irrelevant questions to a respondent.

Use display logic, skip to show only the relevant questions of the form.

Pick the right channel to share

Use contact form embeds for lead generation or collecting contact info.

Use chatbots to manage website feedback or in-app product feedback.

Go mobile-friendly

Create mobile-friendly forms that are accessible across all devices.

Choose a form builder that’s easy to use and optimized for all devices.

Sharing the forms

Analyze different channels to see the optimum one and invest in it more.

Share reminder emails while opting for email forms to responders.

Benefits of an Online Form Builder

Easy to build and re-use

Easy to use online form builders enable you to create forms that are customizable to your varying requirements. You can edit the web form anytime you want and re-use it any number of times. White-label the forms to reflect your brand persona.

Zero coding skills required

You can cut short all resource dependencies and build beautiful forms on your own using a free survey builder that enables you to create a simple no-code web form. An editable and intuitive tool ensures you create your first form in a matter of seconds.

Bonus marketing for your brand

You can create web forms that match the persona of your brand. White label your forms by adding your logo, matching the color palette, and choosing the font to instill your brand’s image in the minds of your audience.

Efficient lead capture

Embed lead generation forms on all your relevant landing pages, and don’t miss even a single lead. You can inline embed the form and customize its height and width. Design the forms the way you want and place them anywhere on your website or blogs.

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