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What is an Online Form Builder?

Online Form Builder is a tool that helps you to build web forms quickly. A webform is the online, HTML version of any fill-up paper form you use. It allows users to enter any information and are crucial data collection points. With the aid of a web designer and developer, you can design and create web forms just the way you want. However, a free online form builder helps you to avoid the dependencies and create and use online forms. With no programming skills needed, anyone can get started with creating his or her first form using just a few clicks and ticks.

Defining a free online form builder,

A free online form builder is a tool to create highly customizable web forms for actionable data and feedback collection.

Thus with a free online form builder,


Design & create highly engaging web forms that fetch accurate data


Share forms easily across various channels for maximum reach


Draw valuable conclusions from the responses & gain new perspectives


Chart a well-structured course of action for improvement

In the pre-tech era, collecting feedback and gathering data was no easy task. The methods prevalent during that time, like postal surveys, feedback paper forms, contact forms, survey questionnaires, and so on, were not successful in bringing in the data as expected. However, with the best online form builder, this is no longer a worry.

SurveySparrow as your Free Online Form Builder

Web forms have replaced the ordinary paper forms, and real-time online data capture replaced the door-to-door, person-to-person data collection process. Initially, a great designer and coder came together to build online forms. However, with the entry of free online form builders, you needn’t wait anymore!

Here’s how SurveySparrow is the best web form builder for your business. This list also gives you a fair idea of the must-have features for any online form builder.

Create customizable, personalized, engaging forms

Without any coding, SurveySparrow’s free online form builder helps you create highly customizable forms. While conversational style makes it engaging, features like question piping, custom params, and variables, make it truly personalized. Get 40% higher response rates & actionable data, thus.

Create engaging, personalized webforms and understand your customers better.
Engaging webforms bring better responses

Style it with Themes & CSS

After creating your survey, themes to make it stunning. You can choose from SurveySparrow’s custom library or go ahead and make one of your own. This free online form builder lets you design every tiny detail of your web form- from color, font, background, and appearance. Add that extra sprinkle of magic by using CSS styling to make the form indeed the way you want.

Style your webforms using themes and CSS with a free online form builder.
Design webforms and theme and CSS-style it

Share forms with just a click

SurveySparrow’s free online form builder helps to share your web forms with multiple share options. Easily embed the forms on your website, share it via email, weblink, across social media, or using a scannable QR code. Pick the channel based on your use-case. Embed option is ideal for lead capture & website feedback while social media share is perfect for polls.

Share your webforms across different channels.
Distribute your webforms across multiple channels

Capture data real-time & analyze in-depth

The best online form builders are silos of vital data. Thus, opt for a form builder that helps to capture real-time and then stores it securely. With features like advanced Reports Filters and cross-tabulation, SurveySparrow helps you get clear meaning from your data and feedback. Get clean, customized reports that are PDF & SPPS-ready. Receive reports in your inbox daily, weekly, or any preferred time.

Analyze data in-depth using dashboard and detailed reports.
Insightful dashboard and data-rich reports

Jump-start with free Templates collection

The best online form builder helps you kick-start your data collection process with the help of custom made survey templates. SurveySparrow’s free online form builder has a dedicated repository of templates belonging to diverse domains, catering to multiple use-case scenarios. Be it lead generation form, website feedback template, online shopping experience, market research survey template, KYC form, event registration form, this form builder has it all to offer.

Kick-start your data collection using custom-made survey templates.
Free survey templates to get your started with feedback collection

Go Conversational. Get More Answers.

What are the use-cases of Free Online Form Builder?

With online survey software, collecting the opinions of users for any product or service has become very simplified; web forms replaced paper questionnaires, email surveys replaced postal surveys! Here are the popular use-cases where free online form builders are employed are crucial data silos.

Customer feedback for businesses

Create relevant, engaging customer feedback forms to tap the pulse of your customers. Soar your business with actionable data that a free online form builder brings you. Remember, happy customers talk to their friends and family. Unhappy customers talk more!

Healthcare feedback & appointments

Arrange patient appointments easily and collect patient & doctor feedback about your medical institution using web forms. Why scribble in paper forms and create a heap of dusty files when you can have it all laid out neatly with an online form builder?

Event registration & feedback

Are you hosting an event soon? Embed the registration form on your website or social media. Create the personalized form, collect attendee details, and manage registrations easily. Is your event already over? Share post-event feedback forms to understand how your event fared. A free online form builder helps you with data-driven insights to host a better event in the future.

Payments & Application forms

Manage your payments and handle the applications you receive easily using the real-time reporting module of online form builders. Accept payments securely through your web forms and process transactions with ease.

Website feedback & Lead Capture

Convert every prospect into a lead and ensure that you don’t miss out on even one of them. Embed crisp forms in your website landing pages using an online form builder and collect contact information of the user. Follow-up, engage, and convert! Don’t you wish to know how well your website is faring? Embed widgets on your website to collect visitor feedback.

Why use a Free Online Form Builder?

A free online form builder can fulfill multiple roles- collecting contact information from users, payment details for a purchase, getting quick customer feedback, capturing lead information from potential customers, and so on. Here’s why an online form builder fares as perfect data collection tools.


Ease of crafting forms

Build engaging and highly customizable forms that can be edited n-number of times using a free online form builder. While a tiny error in a paper form requires you to start the process from scratch, a simple tap edits your form the way you want if you are using a form builder software. It also comes with the smart logic feature that poses only relevant questions. The question piping feature gives it the much needed human touch.


Not a Coding-Ninja?

Cut short all resource-dependencies and build beautiful forms on your own. A free online form builder saves you from the clause of requiring programming skills to create a simple web form. An editable and intuitive tool ensures you create your first form in a matter of seconds.


Bonus marketing for your brand

Using a free online form builder, you can create web forms that match the persona of your brand. Add your logo, match the color palette, and choose the font, to name a few components. You can also employ white-labeling features like the custom domain to make it truly your own. In this manner, you subtly, yet smartly, embed your brand’s image in the minds of your audience. It’s a step closer to smart marketing!


Efficient lead capture

Embed lead generation forms on all your relevant landing pages and don’t miss even a single lead. You can inline embed the form and customize its height and width. Customizable to the dot, have the forms the way you want and place it anywhere on your website.


Improved resource management

While HTML forms require you to have a programmer and designer by your side, a free online form builder eliminates such dependencies. It saves valuable work hours and efforts, thus. The best form builder can do everything that your human resources can do, and possibly much more!


Increased Conversion Rates

Spike your lead conversion rates by using customized embedded forms in your important landing pages. Don’t miss out on a single lead.

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