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Embed your forms in web pages or share your feedback forms across various sharing platforms.

Embed forms in web-pages or share across various platforms

Gain different perspectives by analyzing the results.

Draw valuable conclusions from the responses & gain new perspectives

Devise and plan out strategies and measures to improve and perfect your brand.

Chart a well-structured course of action for improvement

Online Form Builder: Overview

Listening to the voice of customers, Net Promoter Score and the likes have gained immense popularity in present times. This well-deserved appreciation comes as little surprise because customers are the foundation grains that helps a business to grow and expand. So collecting customer feedback has formed the crux of business strategies all over. This is where an Online Form Builder makes the grand entrance. With no programming skills needed, anyone can get started with creating his or her first form using just a few clicks and ticks.

Online Form Builder: Use-cases

Since feedback collection is not limited to any particular domain, you can find the presence of an online form builder across multiple spheres quite extensively. Let us have a look at some of the use-cases of an online form builder:

Website Feedback

Don’t you wish to know how well your website is faring! Are the visitors happy, did they like what they see and find what they came looking for? Yes, we know the questions are many. That’s precisely why online form builders help you in embedding a feedback form in your website to get a quick review from your website visitors. Website feedback hasn't been this hassle-free!

Customer Feedback

Happy customers talk to their friends and family. Unhappy customers talk more! Thus it is crucial that you have an online form builder up your sleeve to furnish out customer feedback forms to collect some relevant feedback nice and crisp.


Be it patient registration forms, patient feedback or doctor feedback; an online form builder covers it all. Why scribble in paper forms and have a heap of dusty files when you can have it all laid out neatly with an online form builder. Get patient data or feedback, gather relevant insights and improve.

Marketing & Lead Capture

Convert every prospect into a lead and ensure that you don’t miss out on even one of them. Embed crisp forms in your website landing pages using an online form builder and collect contact information of the user. Follow-up, engage and convert!

Best Features an Online Form Builder must Possess

We are sure you want to grab an online form builder, right away. However, let’s see, are you confused on rounding in on one? Here are some best features which an online form builder must posses!

Online Form Builder Feature #1: Sleek Interface.
An appealing UI to engage the audience better
Sleek Interface

This is a critical feature which must be taken into serious consideration. Opt for an online form builder that provides a refreshing interface. This entices your audience to give you some quick feedback or drop in an email address to connect back later. Isn’t it awesome if you can design forms that complement your brand? Using an online form builder you can create web forms that'll reflect your brand persona efficiently.

Online Form Builder Feature #2: Diverse Question Types.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Diverse Question Types

Giving thought to the type of questions you pose to your audience is essential. Don’t bombard them with irrelevant and rigid questions. You can only find empty forms awaiting you with a frown if that were the case. So to turn the tables, get an online form builder that offers several questions types to suit any need. Open-ended questions like opinion-rating, star rating, MCQs, image type questions e

Online Form Builder Feature #3: Embedded Forms.
Inline embed forms anywhere in the website
Embedded Forms

Embedding forms into your website can prove very useful when it comes to collecting website feedback, user experience reviews, capturing leads and more. Next time when a visitor enters your website, embedding the form helps you collect a quick review from them. An online form builder that offers the feature to embed your forms into any web page is a sure investment that you would proudly beam about in tomorrow.

Online Form Builder Feature #4: Detailed Reports & Analysis.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Detailed Reports & Analysis

The online form builder not only helps you collect feedback but gain crucial insights from it as well. With well-laid out reports, graphs and pie-charts, get a clear idea of the scope of improvement. Gain multi-dimensional perspectives and identify business challenges; overcome them and explore the opportunities. Make sure you bag an online form builder that comes with a powerful reporting system.

Online Form Builder Feature #5: Templates Collection.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Templates Collection

An online form builder must be your wingman through and through. An extensive collection of popular templates that has the relevant questions is something the online form builder must surely provide. In this manner, you can save time and efforts which otherwise must be spent on researching the questions that must go into the feedback form. Choose your template, tweak it to tailor-fit your requirement or use it as it is.

Advantages of Online Form Builder

We are listing the benefits of possessing an online form builder to reinforce further your thoughts of purchasing one. Have a look through:

Easy to Create

You don’t need to have ninja coding skills to work with an online form builder to create your forms. The form builder itself is self-explanatory; a little exploration is all you need to acquaint yourself with the builder.

Boost Branding

With an online form builder, it is possible to create forms that reflect your brand persona most elegantly. Create engaging, visually-appealing forms that complement your brand most naturally. Be it the color, font, logo, or styling! Engrave your brand in the mind of the audience neatly.

Lead Generation

Embedding a well-crafted form in web pages can efficiently catalyze the lead generation process. Follow-up, engage and interact to win a customer from each potential prospect with the help of an online form builder.

Real-time Data Collection

Unlike paper surveys or contact forms, an online form builder helps capture data in real-time. By the time a user fills the details and hits the button, the dashboard of the online form builder gets pumped with the data.

SurveySparrow as Your Online Form Builder

Why don’t you take a minute more to find out why SurveySparrow is the best online form builder that you can pocket any day!

Dual UI Builder

Yes, you heard it right. SurveySparrow has not one but two UIs- chat-like surveys and conversational forms. The sleek design and engaging nature fetch you survey completion rates of up to 40%! This changes the very infamy online surveys have regarding the completion rates.

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow’s online form builder comes with a host of diverse question types like scale rating, star rating, MCQ, image type questions and more! With complex question types like matrix type, you can collect more data easily.

Embedded Forms

SurveySparrow’s online form builder offers the feature of embedding surveys into web pages. In this manner, you can collect critical website feedback and capture lead information as well. Get the wheels rolling for your website in no time!

Detailed Reports

SurveySparrow comes with a rich dashboard that gives you detailed reports and insights. Be it histograms, graphs, pie-charts, you name, the online form builder has it! Gain a 360-degree view effortlessly. Know where this comes extremely handy? When you are conducting studies like market research and academic research.

Sought-after Templates

With thoroughly researched and pensively prepared questions, SurveySparrow’s online form builder has a host of various templates from across multiple domains. Browse around and take your pick from the mix!

An online form builder, that comes with a host of features that we elucidated before, can quickly help your business scale and score. Get started with the best online form builder, right away!

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