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Share your feedback forms across various platforms

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How Crucial is Form Builder for any Business

Form Builders have revolutionized the very process of collecting customer feedback and user info. Businesses worldwide, from a startup to a fully-fledged MNC, have adopted being customer-centric to grab a strong foothold in the market and boost their brand. It comes as no surprise that if customers reject your brand, the market sinks your product. Thus having an efficient feedback system in place is quintessential.

The best thing about possessing a web form builder is that it takes immense work off your plate. From creating web forms, sharing it, collecting data and analyzing the results, an online form builder helps you through and through. Thus you can manage your resources for better purposes.

Choosing the Right Form Builder

When there are plenty of form builder software readily available, selecting the right one is essential. You can either go for a free online form builder or for it’s paid counterpart, depending on the features you need. The best online form builder is capable of doing multi-faceted tasks like:

Create Personalized Forms

A form builder is skilled in aiding you to sketch pleasing web forms that offer a personalized experience to each user. A form builder that comes with smart logic feature poses only relevant questions to your users thereby providing a high degree of personalization. This directly translates into high response rates and accurate data capture.

Hike Lead Capture Rates

Embedding a visually-striking web form in your website can capture the attention of a user, gently prompting them to provide feedback or fill-up some data. A form builder sketches out classy yet straightforward web forms that can be embedded in your websites for obtaining user data.

Resource Management

Why spend unnecessarily long time in designing & building web forms when it can be done in a blink by a form builder? If you think you must code like a ninja to create a web form, a form builder got you covered there as well. With simple clicks, ticks and drag & drops, you can build winning web forms. Efficiently manage your resources for more important activities.

Boost Brand Persona

A form builder drafts up forms that reflect your brand’s vibe effortlessly. Be it the icon, color combination, fonts, overall styling, leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your web forms fit the brand persona like a puzzle. In this manner, you can subtly promote your brand and embed the image in the minds of your audience.

Essential Features of a Form Builder

While on the lookout for a form builder tool, there are some benchmark features for which you must keep a keen eye on. Have a look at some of the must-have features for any form builders.

Form builder helps you build highly interactive
Feedback forms that are conversational in nature spiking completion rates
Smart & Stunning Forms

Pocket a form builder that is capable of building not only beautiful forms but smart ones as well. Create web forms that match your brand’s persona and can win the attention of your audience. Pose just the relevant questions to the respondents based on their previous answers using logic branching feature offered by the form builder. Be pleasantly surprised seeing the increased completion rates.

Form builder lets you share feedback forms across multiple channels.
Share your forms across multiple platforms
Sharing Options

Share your feedback forms generously, across multiple channels to ensure they receive broad reach and immense visibility. Thus, a form builder must offer various sharing options like email surveys, web links, social media, SMS and more. Besides, the form builder must also enable the option to embed web forms in websites to capture contact info of visitors easily. This will also enable to collect quick feedback from your website visitors to improve the user experience.

Collect accurate responses with form builder's diverse question types.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Diverse Question Types

While it’s important to have smart and elegant feedback forms, it is equally essential to keep in mind the type of questions you ask in the survey. Sticking to the conventional Yes/No, Most/Least Likely questions can drastically hinder getting crisp and honest answers from your audience. The best form builder offers a multitude of question types to choose from like MCQ, image type, opinion scale, and more!

Gain crucial insights from the data using form builder's reporting module.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Analyzing Data Collected

An online form builder must assist you in not only creating and sharing forms but analyzing the data collected as well. Thus, a robust reporting module must be in place which can furnish out detailed reports and graphs that can provide you with profound insights and conclusions. Gain new perspectives and use this to identify business opportunities and solve any challenges that come your way.

Who can use Form Builders

Any business who listen to the voice of their customers must have a form builder in their basket. Web forms perform multiple roles in aiding business to grow. Thus a form builder finds use in various domains.

Customer Feedback

A form builder can craft up feedback forms which can help you collect feedback from your customers. Work on the things that need improvement and provide the best customer experience to your users.

Employee Feedback

An organization can run periodic employee feedback surveys using an online form builder to know the pulse of their employees. After all, happy and engaged employees form the foundation of a successful organization.


Form builders are the coal and ice of marketers and marketing enthusiasts throughout. Embedding a web form on the landing pages of websites is one of the most popular and result-promising ways of capturing leads and their information.


Form builders find extensive use in the healthcare industry to collect feedback from patients about the services provided by the institution & doctors, patient registration forms, discharge forms, and more!

SurveySparrow as your Form Builder

As you already know, form builders are quintessential for any business, across any sphere. Take a moment to read and find out how SurveySparrow’s form builder can help your business.

Conversational Forms

SurveySparrow’s form builder comes with not just one but two user interfaces- chat-like surveys and conversational forms. With a host of questions types from simple ones like opinion scale, star rating, and so on to complex ones like matrix type and rank order, we’ve got it covered to ensure you provide the best survey experience to your users. Create stunning web forms with the help of survey themes we have for you. You can choose from the existing themes or create a new one of your own. Who says online surveys are boring? Not anymore, with SurveySparrow!

Share Options

Leaving no stone unturned to guarantee that the web forms you create receive unmatched visibility and reach your target audience effortlessly, SurveySparrow’s form builder supports multiple sharing platforms such as:

...and get maximum response rates for your surveys.

Rich Dashboard

SurveySparrow not only helps with the creation and execution of your feedback forms but also the management of the collected data. The form builder’s rich dashboard gives you a 360-degree view to help uncover valuable insights from the data. In this manner, you can identify various blindspots which were overlooked.

Recurring Surveys

Why waste time to send out periodic forms manually when our form builder has the recurring feature? The feedback forms would be sent automatically by at the time, date, and day of your choice. Configure the survey settings once, and SurveySparrow takes care of the rest!

Templates Collection

Are you trying to figure out the questions that must go into your feedback form? Without further ado, cruise over to the templates collection we have created for you that has the most sought-after templates. Be it customer feedback, employee engagement or market research, we have covered various domains to cater to any needs! With thoroughly researched and thoughtfully prepared questions, get started with your data collection in no time!

Why wait anymore? Steer your business in the direction towards growth and success. Step-up your data collection to a whole next level with SurveySparrow’s form builder, right away!

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