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Data Collection Tools help you strategize and decide upon the next course of action based on the results yielded.

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What are Data Collection Tools

Data collection is gathering & evaluating data in an orderly manner to obtain perspectives that help you answer questions. Data collection tools form the crux of various projects and market research works to gather data and extract insights for validation purposes.

The data collection tool employed varies significantly on the objective of data collection. There are multiple techniques for collecting data, and each comes with a set of merits and demerits. The goal remains the same, the path to reach there varies!

The various data collection techniques are:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Observation

While interviews provide quality information and insights into customer behavior, it is a time-exhaustive process that doesn’t hold true for a large population. Very often, quality responses are received only if a comfort level and rapport are established between the interviewer and interviewee. Observation technique is relatively inexpensive, but the reliability and authenticity of this technique are not precise.

Surveys, on the other hand, combine all the positive aspects of the said techniques and is a simple data collection methodology. A step more, online surveys have become powerful data collection tools in gathering crucial feedback. Employing online surveys as your data collection tool offers a plethora of advantages. The ability to collect customer feedback from a mass audience, the flexibility to take the survey anytime one wishes, instant data collection, high quality of data collected are some of the many merits an online survey as a data collection tool offers.

How to Employ Data Collection Tools

For successfully collecting data using data collection tools, having a robust laid-out plan is crucial. Identifying and setting out clear objectives is essential to get started with your data collection process. Here are some pointers on how to jump-start the process with the best data collection tools.

Identify the Objective

Before any other step, one must identify the goal of the data collection process. The whole process can bear fruit only if the objective is laid out.

Identify the Target Audience

Once the goal is set, identify whom you are seeking to collect data from. This is crucial to gain quality responses from the survey.

Pick your Data Collection Tool

The choice of the data collection tool depends heavily on the nature of the objective and target audience. Ensure to pick the apt data collection tool to achieve success.

Study Data, Gather Insights

Once the information is captured, employ a data collection tool which can extract out valuable insights and give you clear perspectives.

Must-have Features of Data Collection Tools

Collecting data, be it for research purpose or business, is never a simple task. Most often, there are many hurdles to be traversed to assemble quality data. Thus the choice of data collection tool cannot be taken lightly. Here are some benchmark features which any data collection tool must possess for successfully gathering data.

Data Collection Tools Feature #1: Diverse Question Types.
Diverse Question Types to collect accurate feedback
Diverse Question Types

When you ask the right questions in an apt manner, you get the precise answers. The data collection tool you opt for must offer a diverse range of question types. This includes multiple choice questions, rating scale, opinion scale and so on. Open-ended questions like these give immense scope to your audience to provide accurate answers.

Data Collection Tools Feature #2: Reports & Insights.
Detailed reports to draw valuable conclusions
Reports & Insights

Opt for data collection tools that not only collects data for you efficiently but also help you gather rich insights from it. The process of gathering data is finished only when the insights inferred help to throw perspectives on the objective. A data collection tool that can provide detailed reports, graphical representation and so on is an ideal option. Extract pertinent information and take actionable measures.

Data Collection Tools Feature #3: Share Options.
Multiple channels to share surveys
Share Options

When you collect data, it must be ensured that your survey questionnaires receive maximum visibility and reach. Pick a data collection tool that has multiple sharing channels to share your questionnaires. Email survey, social media, SMS, weblinks are few of the share options a data collection tool must offer. More the visibility, better are your chances for collecting higher volumes of quality data.

Data Collection Tools Feature #4: Conditional Branching.
Conditional Branching to pose relevant questions
Conditional Branching

Accurate answers find their way into your data pool only when you ask relevant questions. When you bombard people with irrelevant questions, they may leave your survey midway or even worse, not take it up at all. Data collection tools that offer conditional branching feature skip irrelevant questions and poses only the right ones to the audience. This translates into higher responses rates with cleaner data.

SurveySparrow as Your Data Collection Tool

Now you know the whats, whens, ifs, and hows relating to data collection, take a moment to read on and find out why SurveySparrow is the best data collection tool you can lay your hands on.

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow’s data collection tool offers a host of distinct question types to suit all purposes and capture accurate responses from your audience. Loaded with open-ended questions like MCQs, star rating, scale rating, image type questions and more, collect honest feedback.

Share Options

Emails, multiple unique weblinks, social media, SMS, you name it, SurveySparrow’s data collection tool offers it. Send out your survey questionnaire to your target audience through multiple channels to receive maximum responses and data.

Online Panel Audience

Identifying your target audience is crucial to obtain the right data. Pick your audience by profiling them based on based on age, gender, education, employment and so on. SurveySparrow’s data collection tool provides panel audience from across the globe, to cater every need!

Reports & Insights

SurveySparrow’s data collection tool comes with a rich dashboard that you can fully utilize to sift out refined information from raw data. With detailed reports, graphs, pie-charts and more, get a panoramic view by employing the data collection tool.

Recurring Surveys

Do you wish to send out survey questionnaires to your audience periodically? If the thought of manually sending it repeatedly is putting you off, we have some bright news for you! SurveySparrow’s data collection tool offers the recurring survey feature to send out pulse surveys at the set time and frequency of your choice.

Collecting data is never a simple process. Thus your data collection tool must facilitate feedback collection both online and offline; for the latter, our offline survey app is present right on point. Hop on board and kick-start your data collection with SurveySparrow to do just that and much more!

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