Good Customer Experience Management is all you need to win a customer.

Customer Experience Management

Why Customer Experience Management should find a significant spot in your company strategies. Build up a great Customer Experience Management system

What is Customer Experience Management

It comes as no surprise that customers take the experience they had with your company/product very seriously. Positive customer engagements create long-lasting, stable relationships between your organization and customers.

Good Customer Experience Management to build customer loyalty.

Customer Experience Management is a journey that begins when a customer decides to opt your product/service.

It involves communicating with them what you can offer, bringing them around to buy your services, routinely engaging with them to know their feedback, solving their issues, and finally making sure that they happily join your loyal customer pool.

The goal of Customer Experience Management (CEM) should be to engage the customers in this journey recurrently.

Is Customer Experience and Customer Service the Same

Even though customer experience and customer service appear to be the same, that’s not the case. Customer support is just one part of the entire customer experience management. Suppose you are unhappy with a purchase you made online. When you got on a call with the support team, you were greeted by a friendly staff who was willing to help you out at every point. This is great customer support. The company was very obliging and replaced your defective product. The return and refund process was smooth and they apologized profusely for the inconvenience caused. This is an example of excellent Customer Experience Management.

Every popular and immensely successful establishment will have a great customer experience management system dedicated to providing a hassle-free and smooth experience for its customers.

Why Should you Care About Customer Experience Management

Most of the organizations tune out the voices of their customers in a rush for revenue and sales. This is good from far, but far away from good.

Good Customer Experience Management Software is all you need to win a customer.

Remember, customers can choose you, or they can choose your competitors. A flattered customer can fetch you several referrals. This means more clients, better revenue and more popularity for your product! An unsatisfied one, on the other hand, could potentially drive away multiple prospective clients. A single tweet might just be enough to taint your brand!

According to a study by Oracle, 86% of customers are ready to pay more if you have a better customer experience management system. You serve them well, and they will never leave you!

They bring in more leads, improve your sales and boost your brand value.

How to Improve your Customer Experience Management system

‘Promised a lot, delivered so little’ is a tag your company should stay clear of. Improving your customer experience is the right way to go about this.

Make them feel valued. A product becomes a brand when loyalty is built. Acknowledge your customers. ‘Put your customers first’ has been the steadfast slogan for businesses worldwide. And it is rightly said so.

When you listen to the issues of your customers and solve them quickly and efficiently, you can even win back a customer who has vowed to join your competitor.

Understand what your customers want and expect you to do for them. To build a great business, you must listen more. Understand their needs, what they like/dislike and work on getting it right.

Make better decisions faster: A good thing done late is as good as doing nothing! 50% of consumers wait for a maximum of one week before they decide to dump your brand.

How to Measure your Customer Experience Management System

Be available whenever a customer needs you: Being unavailable to a frustrated customer is the surest way to send your brand tumbling down. What you must realize is that customer experience management isn’t a 9-5 profile job. Your customers reach out to you when they have an issue. Not being there infuriates them quickly and bad word travels faster!

Resolve issues quickly: A quick and efficient fix from your side can easily pacify a discontented customer. Customers are willing to give you a second chance if you are willing and capable of fixing the bumps in the customer experience management journey.

NPS : The Net Promoter Score has been acknowledged as a standard for organizations to gauge and improve customer experience management system. When you measure NPS, it indicates that you care about your customers and want to improve the experience they have with you. It involves asking the customers a simple question about their willingness to recommend your organization to another person. NPS is now a vital part of the customer experience management system. Better the score, happier your customer.

Be Personal: Say you are in a supermarket and you need a grocery item. Which would you prefer, a staff giving you vague directions to reach the alley or them walking you all the way till there? A friendly and accommodating approach to dealing with your clients will help your brand stand out, any given day. People prefer a brand which treats each customer individually and makes sure they have a pleasant time during the entire interaction.

How to Create a Customer Experience Management System

Know your Customers: Create and maintain customer profiles to aid you to track and understand their journey better.

Capture feedback: Once you know your customers, it’s time to gather their perspectives. Share your surveys across mutiple channels like email survey, web links, social media and more! Better reach implies higher response rates. Work on your flaws and market your strengths.

Act upon regular customer feedback: Collecting feedback isn’t enough. Act on what you have collected. So having a great customer experience management system isn’t enough. Make it stand out.

The Benefit of having a great Customer Experience Management System

When your customers feel they are cared for and valued, they don’t think twice about spending an extra dollar. And in flows the revenue. Such is the impact of customer experience management.

Building a loyal customer base boosts the popularity of your brand, guarantees a stable and increasing revenue and, helps your organization become very successful.

So listen to your customers, and improve each experience you provide them.

Using SurveySparrow as your Customer Experience Management Platform

Many at times, the lack of proper insights about how customers perceive your brand results in no action being taken for improvements. This causes damage which may be beyond repair. So efforts for gathering the views of your customers at every contact point and doing the needful is a smart move in the right direction.

SurveySparrow assists you in gathering accurate feedback from your customers and providing valuable insights. The customer experience management software we offer will help you identify and locate the areas which require serious attention along with your key strengths. A friendly, messaging experience provides a higher rate of completion. More views, the better! A flat-lining internet connection that's hindering with your live feedback collection? Our offline survey app is built to avoid just that! In case you are unable to find the right questions for your survey, we have a Customer Satisfaction Survey Template ready for you.

Integrating your Customer Touch-Point System With Experience Management Platform

Suppose you wish to know the customer experience after a sale or after a support ticket is raised and say, you are using Salesforce for sales, it is possible to integrate Salesforce with SurveySparrow to trigger a survey from SurveySparrow after a certain period.

Similarly, you can integrate SurveySparrow with Zendesk if you are using the latter as your Support Desk tool.

This flexibility for integration helps you tremendously to track and improve the customer experience at every crucial touch point.

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