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Top 20 HR Influencers List of 2024

Kate Williams

9 April 2024

14 min read

Looking to follow and learn from the Top HR influencers in 2023? The previous year was a tough one. People lost jobs, companies lost incredible talents, and everything came to a standstill. It’s great to see things have changed in 2023. The job market has picked up again, which makes HR influencers really important folks.


Well, because everyone wants a great career, especially after the disruptions from the pandemic. People want to get back to jobs, but as a better version of themselves. This is where HR influencers come in – they give relevant information and tips on finding the right job, acing the interview, and doing superb work to grow quickly.

We at SurveySparrow are passionate about helping people find their perfect jobs, and this list of 20 top HR influencers is a result of that. Finding and researching for this took a lot of time. But if it helps you, we’d consider it a job well done.

All that’s left now is for you to grab a cuppa, and we’ll begin. Because there’s no fun reading without it!

20 Top HR Influencers To Follow In 2023

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag and give you 20 such influencers to follow in 2023 and beyond.

Top HR influencers: Kathleen Hogan

1. Kathleen Hogan

Kathleen Hogan works at Microsoft as EVP of Human Resources and she’s the Chief People Officer. She joined them as COO of Worldwide Sales in 2003 and has been doing brilliantly ever since.

Kathleen’s massive social following is built around informative posts and blogs about acing a job interview. She shares monthly blogs on LinkedIn and contributes to several top publications.

In most of her content, the message to empower employees and help them and their company achieve all individual and collective goals is clear. Her opinions on a diverse and inclusive work environment are what we admired the most. Following her can help you understand the nuances of getting a job at Microsoft.

Hogan is on the board of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and is a breast cancer survivor. You can find her talking about her experiences with cancer, and how it affected her at work. Do we need to say more for you to follow her?

Top HR influencers: David Green

2. David Green

David is serving as an Executive Director at Insight222 and where he regularly works with Fortune 500 firms. What sets him apart is his data-driven approach to hiring, and he explains that in his social and company channels.

David’s big break came when he was promoted to Global Director of People Analytics Solutions at IBM Watson Talent. He was in this position for several years and gained quality experience which now shows in his content.

David loves working from home and providing actionable tips to people looking to widen their skills sets and find more opportunities. He posts regularly on what’s working and what’s not in the job market, and what’s about to change soon, and has helped several job seekers make the right career choices with such posts.

David is a regular on shows and HR conferences and was the Main Stage MC at Europe’s most popular show in the future of workplace technology, UNLEASH World in 2018. Well, we’ll just say that not following him would be a mistake!

Top HR influencers: Laurie Ruettimann

3. Lauri Ruettimann

Laurie is now a Director and Founder of GlitchPath. She was previously an HR leader, and now she’s using all that experience in her entrepreneurial career and as a writer.

She worked as an HR professional for 14 years before taking the plunge to be an entrepreneur. Even before taking this plunge, she was a renowned writer in the hr space having written for publications like Fast Company Inc., CIO Magazine, and Entrepreneur. Her content is always very detailed with examples taken from real life that make it further interesting to read.

Her podcast “Let’s Fix Work” is equally amazing with quality content in every episode. Plus, she’s a published author too! If we were in your shoes, we would follow her right now.

top hr influencers: Greg Savage

4. Greg Savage

The author of the hit book ‘The Savage Truth’, Greg is the Founder of People2people Recruitment. He’s known for being an articulate and a very methodical person, and that shows in his writings.

Greg has an impressive CV. He’s a renowned speaker, leadership advisor, and recruitment expert who was on the list of LinkedIn ‘Top Voices’ in 2018. He’s also been called the “Most Influential Recruiter in Australia” in the last 60 years. That’s some achievement!

The achievement shows the wealth of experience Greg brings to the table. And he imparts that in his Linkedin posts quite elaborately. An HR influencer that other top HR influencers would also rate highly. Do follow him.

top HR influencers: Fermin Diaz

5. Fermin Diez

Fermin Diez considers himself a learner and not a teacher in the field of human resources. He specializes in strategic HR, HR analytics incentives, talent management and development, career planning, global HR, public sector HR, and incentives. We were impressed just by reading this!

Talking about his work, Diez is an HR leader for two large MNCs in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America region, and an Adjunct Professor of Human Resources at 3 different universities. Also, he has co-authored three books: ‘Human Capital and Global Business Strategy’, ‘The Remuneration Handbook‘ and ‘Fundamentals of HR Analytics’. All 3 are rated highly in the human resource and recruitment field.

Fermin also works as an HR influencer at the webinar series: HR Analytics – Embracing Your Data with Confidence.

New HR professionals look up to his groundbreaking work and try to take lessons. As for job seekers, he’s always up with quality tips that do bring a positive difference. Definitely, a top HR influencer that you should follow right now.

top HR influencers: Meghan Biro

6. Meghan Biro

There are only a few top HR influencers as popular as Meghan. The head at TalentCulture has been in the public eye for her influential work and regularly appears on online forums and radio shows.

Having worked with some big names like Microsoft, Google, and IBM, Meghan is interested in both recruiting and branding. She’s extremely popular on Twitter with her 100k+ followers to prove that. Plus, her blogs and contributions to platforms like Forbes have garnered a lot of positive reviews.

Having started her online career by posting small content pieces, her job-related tips are considered to be simple yet highly effective. Biro is a fan of technology and encourages recruiters to use the latest software to make the hiring process easier.

Some of her detailed posts are as insightful as they can get. She has won innumerable social media-related awards, and from our perspective, she deserves them. Time to hit the Follow button on her profile.

7. Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan is a renowned serial entrepreneur working primarily in the recruitment, career search, and HR consultancy space. He is also an influencer on the topic of HR technology.

It all started when he understood the potential of human resources for every business and started working on ways to make better use of technology in recruitment. He started to write on this topic in the form of a blog and created Singapore’s first HR Tech Market Map.

After 4 years of developing and delivering quality content, Adrian has received two HR Vendor of the Year awards, the Global Recruiters Best Marketing award, and the SHRI HR Entrepreneur award.

He’s one of the famous top HR influencers who now interviews influential Founders, CEOs, and top CHROs in his podcast to find how they recruit so successfully, and how can a candidate get a job there. His videos on HR tech and the Future of Work are available on YouTube. Check it out, and start following him immediately if you haven’t already.

8. Antionette Blake

Blake calls herself a “boomer with a millennial mind”. Well, the 59-year-old influencer does enjoy being on the web and helping people find dream jobs with her experience and tips.

She talks about her love for technology and how it makes people’s, especially recruiters, lives easier.

Then, she has written elaborate pieces on how candidates can ace technology-driven recruitment by making simple changes. Her blogs and podcasts offer similar insights, too. All-in-all, she’s an HR influencer you can’t choose to not follow.

9. Tim Sackett

Tim Sackett is an HR influencer who comes with a solid experience of over 2 decades in the recruitment space. He has worked with several companies from the Fortune 500 in different sectors including technology, retail, healthcare, and dining.

Now, he likes to use his massive experience to help young professionals crack their dream jobs. He’s most active on Twitter with over 40k followers, but has got a website where the real gold lies!

Tim has authored several books of which “The Talent Fix: A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Great Talent” is immensely popular. Following him is a no-brainer.

10. Gautam Ghosh

Gautam Ghosh and his blog on the topics of human resources, recruitment, and work culture is read by thousands of candidates and even recruiters.

Another bright part of his CV is his stint with Flipkart as the Director. He also worked with SHRM India before joining the online shopping giant.

A regular at HR-tech conferences, he’s now working as a freelancer enjoying writing detailed articles on different HR topics. Those looking for a reliable HR influencer, who can give smart interview tips while giving honest opinions on a range of topics should follow Gautam.

11. Steve Boese

Steve Boese is a blogger, speaker, moderator, and author while being an hr influencer chairing the HR technology conference. He knows everything that’s happening in the job market, and he lets candidates know about it in his weekly podcast ‘HR Happy Hours’.

What makes Steve reliable is his experience of over 20 years in the HR field. He first got eyeballs for being a director of Talent Management Strategy. Since then, he’s added more credentials to his name with his work.

He has an awesome website, a 45k+ Twitter following, and an equally huge following on LinkedIn. Credible by all means.

12. Max Armbruster

Max Armbruster is the CEO at Talkpush, the market-leading software for recruitment automation, and is an HR influencer.

Plus, he’s also the host of the Recruitment Hackers podcast. Here, Max speaks with talent acquisition leaders on how they’re constantly finding innovative ways to attract the right talent.

The blogs on the Talkpush website talk about the emerging trends in the recruitment space and how candidates can adapt to them quickly. We recommend you check it out. It’s going to be worth it.

13. Steve Browne

Steve brings his 30 years of industry experience to the table when talking about company culture, employee relations, and the power of networking for job seekers.

He uses Linkedin and Twitter to deliver content that people religiously wait to read. Plus, his experience of having worked in industries like restaurant, professional service, consumer product, and manufacturing adds to the depth of his knowledge.

He currently works as the VP of HR for the pizza chain LaRosa’s. But his work never stops him from sharing value nuggets on his blog as well as posts. A regular guest on podcasts, and an active social media influencer. You can’t miss out on following him.

14. Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is a 360 degree HR influencer available on all major platforms including YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. His YouTube channel is growing at a great pace with over 14k subscribers in no time.

He posts content and runs a newsletter that’s for recruiters and job seekers alike. On LinkedIn, he posts twice or thrice a week, but if you want to know his tips every day, Twitter is the place to be.

On the achievement side, Jacob is the founder of Future of Work University where he primarily focuses on employee experience and its massive role in a business’ success. He’s a best-selling author and a keynote speaker at HR conferences and seminars.

The star influencer has contributed to several leading publications including Forbes and is a very friendly guy. So, you should start following him immediately and look to get your queries resolved.

15. Trish McFarlane

Trish is the CEO at H3 HR Advisors and hosts the famous ‘HR Happy Hour’ podcast dedicated to everything about human resources and recruitment. She’s a big supporter of women’s rights and talks regularly about the changing trends in the job market.

Trish also runs the ‘Women of HR’ blog and shares her 20-year long experience in the HR space while sharing the stories of other women in this field.

She uses social media to keep job seekers aware of what they need to do to keep acing tough interviews. You’ll also find her talking about talent management, and leadership development to give employees the right growth in a job.

The range of her topics surely makes her a person to be followed. Going for it?

16. William Tincup

William Tincup, the RecruitingDaily President, is a reliable name in the HR space that has helped several recruiters find amazing talent.

He has a massive 250+k followers on Twitter who actively engage in his thought-provoking tweets around changing trends in recruitment, and interview hacks.

Tincup has over 200 HR blogs to his name, and he’s a distinguished speaker, teacher, and storyteller.

Over the years, William has participated in over 160 recruiting and HR conferences and is a regular on hiring-related podcasts. Just follow him, and the right tips would be on their way!

17. Shawn Tan

Shawn Tan is one of those top HR influencers that have left a mark very early in their career. He’s the Head of HR for Under Armour APAC. Here, he oversees how people function and gives HR leadership in driving growth to the company.

His passion for talent development, maximizing employee potential, and transforming businesses with innovative strategies has won the hearts of many.

It doesn’t stop there, he’s a certified IHRP Senior Professional by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals and holds the 6-level certification in HSK. Have a look at this webinar where he was one of the guest speakers. You’ll want to follow him immediately after that!

18. Jeanne Meister

Jeanne is famous in HR circles for co-authoring the ‘The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules For Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees’ book. She calls herself an “activist and workplace visionary” and her work proves that to be true.

She has a background in corporate learning and is working to make people more aware of the growth in jobs, and leadership development.

The star influencer who loves talking has contributed to multiple top platforms like Forbes, Financial Times, and Harvard Business Review, too. Follow her, and do that now.

19. Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt is a ‘modern HR advocate’ passionate about people practices, emergency work trends, and technology in HR. He likes talking about how technology is making things easier and more prudent in recruitment, emphasizing the future of work.

He uses social media regularly to update people about his professional life and industry happenings.

Most of Lars’s posts and content are dedicated to HR technology. The HR expert is also a speaker, author, and podcast host at “Redefining HR: Transforming People Teams to Drive Business Performance”. Aren’t you impressed yet?

20. Jillian Roth aka Mama J

Jillian is not just just one of the top HR influencers, but an experienced leader and strategist. She uses an ‘intersectional meets an interdisciplinary’ approach to make things fun and easier at work and for her followers.

The HR influencer is renowned for bringing new ideas to the table and working towards them with a growth mindset. Her posts ooze an amazing sense of humor while explaining future trends in the recruitment space.

She has worked with top brands and has loads of experience in dealing with people, and making them feel right at home. She regularly motivates job seekers in exceptional ways while giving tips for them to constantly improve. Follow her. That’s what we would say.

Why Follow HR Influencers?

Now that we’ve discussed the top HR influencers…

Googling HR influencers will give you boatloads of advice and tips from experienced HR professionals in blogs, social media posts, videos, carousal, and whatnot.

Some of these are great, some are good. Even the recruiting teams from several companies tune into these to hire better.

But we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about you here. So let’s give you a few solid reasons to follow top hr influencers, alright?

1. To Discover Opportunities

Following top HR influencers help in discovering jobs opportunities that otherwise would be hard to find.

The reason is that most HR influencers work or have worked for giant, market-leading organizations and they know of openings in their and other top companies.

So you’ll find top CHROs posting regularly about such openings, and a few are open to referring candidates if they have the right skills. You just got to build a rapport and ask nicely. They’ll surely help.

2. To Improve Your Networking Game

As we mentioned, you can get referrals from top CHROs and HR influencers if you’re networking well.

Let’s be honest, a great deal of success in life, job, or business depends on how vast is our network. Opportunities come to those who have friends! It might not be the best thing to believe in, but it’s the truth. You’re always more likely to work with people you know.

Following top HR influencers is a terrific way of building communication with their connections. Leaving comments, asking questions, attending their seminars will allow you to be an active member of their community, and they’ll be supporting you the best they can. Believe us, this networking will prove vital for your career.

3. To Get Job Tips That Are Gold!

For getting a job, it’s not only about knowing what to do but also knowing what not to do. This is where top HR influencers prove to be crucial.

They provide candidates with tips on how to search for a job that matches their interests, how to create a top-notch (kickass!) resume, and how to ace the interview without breaking much sweat.

The recruitment process can be unpredictable while being lengthy. Applicants don’t always have the best idea on how to behave during interviews or tests. By following HR and recruiting influencers, you learn new ways of presenting yourself that help you score the dream job.

4. To Become An Optimist

The tips, suggestions and candidate grooming is one part of an HR influencer’s job. The other is to help them stay positive and not let them give up despite failures.

Let’s face it, job hunting can get troublesome many a time. Failing to get a perfect job can leave people worried and even depressed. They start doubting their skills which massively hurt their confidence.

In that case, tips to deal with such setbacks and anxiety from top HR influencers work like a charm. They share their failure stories, and how they got back to emphasize that the show must go on. Such tips make you strong and start observing life from the eyes of an optimist. And that’s powerful!

5. To Stay Updated

We suggest you follow top HR influencers and CHROs to stay updated on the latest recruiting trends.

HR influencers keep creating new industry benchmarks by offering best practices to solve recruitment challenges. It’s always best for a candidate to stay updated about these. This is important because the job market is constantly changing with new challenges.

Wrapping Up

The way a company recruits will make all the difference this year and beyond.

In a recent product meeting at SurveySparrow’s headquarters (Yes, we’re slowly getting back to normal!), this is what our CEO had to say when asked how an organization can come out stronger in the post-pandemic world.

This one line has a very deep meaning, one which can’t be ignored. In 2023 and the years that’ll follow, we’ll see new talents emerge and take companies to the next level. The pivotal thing then for companies would be to hire better and hire for long. The short-term play would not be fruitful.

For the job seekers, they need to continue upskilling themselves; not just for technical skills, but for people, interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills, too.

Following these top HR influencers are going to give you a headstart, for sure. For any further help with improving your employee experience, like recruiting and onboarding, just drop in a ‘Hi’ here, and we can connect. You can also create a free account.

You can also listen in on the sharpest minds in HR as they share ideas on a wide range of subjects – including the top CHRO priorities, the future of the workplace, and reimagining employee experiences. Register here for RefineEX, 2023’s biggest HR Virtual Summit.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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