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SurveySparrow Pricing Vs. Typeform Pricing. Why SurveySparrow Is A Clear Winner?

Kate Williams

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3 May 2021

10 min read

Would you like to go back in time? Not literally (unless you know how to time travel!). Think of yourself as a customer support representative in the 70s. The good old 70s, where the internet was still a distant reality, and ‘being online’ had no meaning.  

Being a customer representative in this era, how do you understand your customers and their problems? 

The answer, pen & paper surveys. Select relevant questions and options, get them printed, and pass them on to the customers one by one. You would probably need to ring them up multiple times before they fill the survey and then head to their homes to collect if they don’t bother about submitting it!

That’s a typical day at work for a customer representative from the 70s. Don’t like it? 

Well, you’re damn lucky since this is the age of online surveys! You and your teams can send and collect a survey without even needing to stand from your chair (unless you want some coffee). Impressed? Wait. This would happen when you have the right online survey software. And in this blog, we’ve discussed and compared 2 such software, SurveySparrow and Typeform. From their features, pricing, support to which one is better, everything you need to know is here. So, with no further ado, let’s start with our SurveySparrow Vs. Typeform discussion. 

Why Do Businesses Need Online Survey Software?

Before jumping on the SurveySparrow Vs, Typeform, or SurveySparrow pricing Vs Typeform pricing discussion, it’s crucial to discuss why businesses, irrespective of their size, need an online survey software. Especially in 2021 and beyond. You already know some reasons we’ll give (that’s why you’re reading this blog!), but others would take you by surprise, for sure. Intrigued? Well, let’s start with it. 

To Work Faster

Pen and a paper comprising multiple questions. That’s the traditional way of taking surveys. It still goes on in many places, and we don’t understand why? Because with an online survey tool, you get surveys that don’t require a pen to answer, can be safely stored in multiple formats and takes only one-third of the time to complete compared to the traditional survey. That’s fast and efficient—the perfect combo for growth.  

To Develop The Right Product.

This is where online surveys really show their worth. Because not only are they faster, they give results too! You first take feedback from hundreds, if not thousands, of customers using the online tool’s automation features. Then, it’s run through analytics to understand what your customers exactly want. This gives you the green signal to develop the required product, add that feature or service. 

To Personalize

Once you have analyzed the feedback from the survey, personalization comes into the picture. You can now deliver every customer what they would love to get. And you can time such personalizations based on their collected personal data to wow them. Trust us; they’ll turn into your loyal customers once you focus on personalizing their experiences. That’s how growth happens! 

To Improve Customer Service

Another way a business can enthral its customers is by improving customer service. The process is the same, collect feedback, analyze the results, and take actions to improve the way your customer service team works. 

To Track And Manage The Customer Journey

Taking feedback from your customers shouldn’t only be after purchase or after service. Suppose a customer is associated with your brand. In that case, your customer success team needs to track and manage their entire journey to keep them satisfied. This is where online survey software comes into the picture. If you have a quality survey tool, you can take regular feedbacks from them to understand how the service, product, or customer experience can be improved. And your team can keep track of all this to understand a customer’s journey from start to finish. 

To Predict The Future

Just like your team can change a product or service after customer feedback, so can they predict whether something new, be it a product, service, or some campaign, would be successful or not using online surveys. Predictive analytics is coming up as a compelling technology. Using it on the collected customer feedback would help decide the path for your company’s future products and launches. 

To Keep Employees Happy

Employee experience is a popular topic of discussion among organizations, especially after the events from 2020, where cases of workplace-related stress and anxiety came to light. Well, online surveys aren’t just for your customers; they’re for your employees too. If you have multi-functional online survey software that can offer employee satisfaction surveys, it’ll help massively in keeping the employees happy. And if they’re happy, they’ll keep your customers happy too. We’re damn sure about that. 

What Makes SurveySparrow Stand Out? 

Now that you know how essential online survey software is for your business, it’s time to discuss the features that make SurveySparrow stand out from the rest. Let’s get things started then. 

Omnichannel Response Collection 

One of the most used and applauded features of SurveySparrow is its omnichannel experience management platform. Businesses get to collect data by sending surveys on multiple channels, be it social media or emails. They then analyze and store the data in a unified manner in the management platform. 

  • In-build social media share for Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Unique and trackable weblinks.
  • Fully configurable SMS surveys
  • Automated recurring email surveys
  • Scannable QR codes for super quick access. 

This and so much more is what you get with just this feature. Impressed, aren’t you?

White-label Everything

Your brand identity matters for you and for the customers too. SurveySparrow understands that, which is why their white-label feature is so useful. With this, you get to customize everything from the URL to the brand logo, subject, and body of your surveys easily.  

Built-in NPS Module

“Will the customers talk about my company in front of their friends?” 

“How many word-of-mouth referrals are we getting?”

“Are our customers talking about us?” 

If, as a leader, these questions are going in your head, you need to conduct an NPS survey, and SurveySparrow can help you do that. With its built-in Net Promoter Score (NPS) module, you get to view who are your Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. This further allows you to assign a representative to the Detractors (unhappy customers) and check the status of how their customer experience is improving.

Collect Data Offline

With this, your team can collect data offline from anywhere and anytime. Using SurveySparrow’s inbuilt survey app, you can add as many offline devices as you want. And conduct as many surveys as you need to. Sweet, right?

360-degree Employee Assessment

Focusing on customers doesn’t mean you forget your employees. Because they are the ones who’ll keep the customers happy. So, you need to keep them satisfied too. This is where SurveySaprrow’s 360 degree employee assessment feature comes in. With this, you get to upload all the employee information in one go, invite them for employee 360 feedback & assessment with a single click, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and get custom reports with a dedicated development plan for each employee. 

To put it crisply, the 360 degree assessment module would help your employees grow while keeping them satisfied. And they’ll then take care of your company’s growth. A win-win indeed.  

Integration Options

This online survey software gives you the integration options with marketing tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Marketo, Eloqua, CleverReach, and more. Plus, for your customer support functions, it lets you integrate with tools like C-Connect, FreshDesk, and Jitbit Helpdesk. 

If you want to integrate SurveySparrow with productivity, email, analytics, and management tools, you just need to contact, and the integration option would be there for you in no time.  

Easy Accessibility And Control

Every product and feature of SurveySparrow is designed so that you can use and control it easily. As a leader, you get to set up multiple sub-accounts under a single account for your different teams. You get to view surveys easily in these sub-accounts and folders. And everything remains smooth and in your control.

Dedicated Support Team

Phone, email, or chat. Whatever way you prefer, SurveySparrow’s customer support team is there for you 24/7! 

What Gives Typeform Its Brand Value?

Whenever someone talks about online surveys and online survey software, Typeform’s name comes up. Started in 2012, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Typeform has created a following for its beautiful survey templates and designs. But with the features and different Typeform pricing plans, they fall short in acting like a complete online survey tool. Well, keeping this discussion aside, let’s talk about the features they’ve got.

The Drag-and-drop Builder

With this feature, your team can create a survey with minimal effort because all they gotta do to customize the survey is just drag-and-drop. Sweet!

Personalization At Its Centre

Typeform has always kept personalization at the centre of all their products and surveys, as they know any customer’s motivation to fill a survey would go up if it’s personalized based on their interests and likes. So, with their workflows, you can do that easily and quickly.

Conditional Logic

Whenever the question of Typeform pricing comes up, the first thing they justify it with is their conditional logic feature. And hands down, this is quite a useful feature to have as an online survey software. With this, your respondents can skip questions that aren’t relevant to them. Using conditional logic, questions appear in a survey based on the previous responses, thus enhancing the overall survey-taking experience.

Beautiful Templates

Typeform has lots of pre-built templates that are beautifully designed for your survey needs. So, you’ll save a lot of time by picking a template directly from here.

Answer Piping

Another important feature of Typeform is that it gives the respondents the option to see how they answered the previous questions. This feature becomes important when there are a lot of questions to answer, and the respondents don’t remember what they answered. By simply selecting the answer piping feature, they can know all about it.

SSL Encryption

Typeform takes data security seriously. So, whatever data they get from surveys, it’s all encrypted and stored safely to prevent data hacks. And given how rapidly companies are adopting the WFH style of working, such encryptions are extremely important.

8 Reasons To Choose SurveySparrow Over Typeform

We’ve talked about the need for online survey software at the start. Then, we moved onto discussing what SurveySparrow and Typeform bring to the table in terms of features. But which one is better? That’s a question that remains, and that’s exactly what this section is all about. So, without holding on anymore, let’s give you 8 solid reasons why SurveySparrow is a clear winner in this SurveySparrow Vs. Typeform discussion.

#1 It’s Not Just A Beautiful Tool

Surveysparrow and Typeform both allow users and teams to craft beautiful surveys that engage responders brilliantly. However, SurveySparrow offers much more than just that. From offline surveys to employee 360 feedback surveys, SurveySparrow has a lot of valuable features up its sleeves. But even when you go with the highest Typeform pricing plan, you don’t get features like that with them.

#2 Powerful NPS Module

We already talked about SurveySparrow’s in-built NPS module while discussing its features. And although Typeform offers an NPS template, it’s very basic, with very limited options to choose from. Now, does a higher Typeform pricing plan give you better options? Well, no! If you want to measure customer loyalty and brand advocacy through surveys, Typeform can’t help you.

Whereas, SurveySparrow’s NPS module is developed exactly for this. They provide a dedicated NPS platform for companies, big and small. With their NPS module, you get to analyze customer sentiment, create workflows, and easily assign tasks to address the problem areas. So, when you want to turn your customers into promoters of your brand, SurveySparrow’s in-built NPS module is your best choice.

#3 Go ‘Internet Free’

With Typeform, there’s no option for offline data collection. They always ask you to keep an active internet connection to keep collecting feedback. This doesn’t give responders the freedom they want while answering surveys. Moreover, if someone from your customer support team is looking to step out for remote data collection, Typeform, with whatever Typeform pricing plan you go for, won’t be of any help.

Enter SurveySparrow. Their offline data collection feature gives responders the option to go ‘internet free’ when taking a survey. The feature is available on SurveySparrow’s mobile app, and you can start using it by just selecting the ‘kiosk’ mode. It comes with a simple interface that’s easy to set up and manage. So, if you’re looking to give responders the freedom and accessibility to go offline while taking surveys, SurveySparrow has got you covered.

#4 Don’t Worry About Survey-Sharing Channels

Let’s say you’ve created a really beautiful and engaging survey. But how is it useful when it’s not getting the right reach? Because a survey collects valuable data. If the responses to a survey are not enough, you can’t take actionable decisions based on it. Typeform does offer sharing, but it’s way too limited. While one of the prime features of SurveySparrow is its focus on giving an omnichannel experience to survey takers. That’s why there are plenty of distribution options they provide their customers with, from email and social media sharing to SMS and offline survey taking. Ain’t that effective?

#5 Advanced Reports & Analysis

Typeform autogenerates survey reports once all the feedback is collected, and they do a fair job with it. However, with SurveySparrow’s reporting module, you get a graphical representation of results while getting the option to use advanced filters to segment survey data the way you want. Plus, you get to schedule these reports to your inbox, cross-tabulate responses to perform comparisons and easily export the results at the end as CSV. Taking decisions becomes easier when you have advanced reports and options for analysis like this.

#6 Employees Aren’t left Behind

There is no Typeform pricing plan where you get a dedicated module for your employees. Whereas with SurveySparrow, you get an employee 360 feedback module to understand their motivation, feelings, likes, and dislikes. And once you have this knowledge, making changes to give the right employee experience becomes easier. SurveySparrow understands that, and their employee experience module results from it. 

#7 Pocket Friendly

SurveySparrow pricing Vs. Typeform pricing. In this comparison, SurveySparrow again comes out as a clear winner. To get 1000 responses per month with only limited features, you gotta shell out $35 on Typeform, but with SurveySparrow, you need only $19 for that. Plus, the features you’ll get in this basic plan itself would make you happy. This difference in SurveySparrow and Typeform pricing increases more and more as we get to the higher plans. For instance, you’ll get the enterprise plan on SurveySparrow for just $449 per month when billed annually, but the same plan (with far fewer features and analytics options) would cost you a whopping $900 per month on annual billing. Surprised? We’ll be surprised if you aren’t!  

#8 Round-The-Clock Customer Support

SurveySparrow takes customer support & service very seriously. They call you to understand your requirements within 24 hours of signing up on their platform. Once you’ve chosen your plan, they’re with you, from demos to query resolution while always taking care of your overall experience. But with Typeform, you get customer support only when you’re a premium customer. And even then, getting in touch with their customer support representative is an extremely arduous task. And you don’t want such an experience, do you? 

Wrapping Up…

Typeform is a reliable tool, no doubt about that. But after discussing Typeform pricing, features, and the support it provides, we can’t put it in the bracket of multi-functional online survey software. Because if you aim to improve customer and employee experience using surveys, Typeform has not much to offer. We’ve tried giving an honest overview on how SurveySparrow can help you do this without making a hole in your pocket! 

Now, the decision is for you to make. And you can make that once you have answers to these few questions; 

Why features do you need in an online survey tool? 

What would it help you achieve? 

What problems would it solve? 

How would it help your company grow? 

As a leader, you need to sit down with your teams, ask these questions, and brainstorm to find the right answers. We hope you do that as quickly as you can. And if you’ve done that already, we’re waiting to talk to you. Let’s chat up!


Kate Williams

Product Marketing Manager at SurveySparrow

Excels in empowering visionary companies through storytelling and strategic go-to-market planning. With extensive experience in product marketing and customer experience management, she is an accomplished author, podcast host, and mentor, sharing her expertise across diverse platforms and audiences.

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