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SurveySparrow has Blossomed out of the Zapier-Beta Cocoon

Aiswarya Menon

Last Updated:  

28 November 2023

2 min read

We have happy news!
SurveySparrow has flown out of the Zapier-beta nest and is now open to any user across the globe.

First things first.
Zapier is one of the most popular web automation tools that connects two or more apps seamlessly. Often, a business requires multiple applications like customer service software, survey platforms, email marketing tools and so on, to work together and create a meaningful impact.
With Zapier Integration, you can connect any app with SurveySparrow and easily create workflows, capture more leads your way, get data neatly laid-out in spreadsheets, have follow-up emails sent automatically, collect pertinent data in no time, all with just a few clicks and ticks! Just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee while you witness automation at its finest doing all the chores for you.

Before anything else, let’s have a quick run to acquaint you with some Zapier terms like Zap, Trigger, and Action.
Zap: It is a workflow that connects two or more apps together.
For example, ‘For new SurveySparrow responses, add contacts in HubSpot.’
Trigger: It is an event that instigates another one to occur.
For example,‘For a new response in SurveySparrow,’ or ‘New case is created in Salesforce.’
Action: It’s the event that must occur as a result of the trigger.
For example,‘Create a new row in Google Sheet’ or ‘Share a saved survey with SurveySparrow.’
When a trigger happens in one app, an action is driven in another, and the entire process is called a Zap! There, that’s all! You can test your zaps before rolling them out.

Ways to use Zapier-SurveySparrow Turbo-combo
If you’ve got a SurveySparrow account (get one here!), Zapier can readily help you accomplish a host of tasks like engaging with your customers, following-up, managing your data- to name a few. Let us give you a peek into what all you can achieve using the SurveySparrow-Zapier integration.

Capture More Leads
How does your business soar? With more revenue. How does revenue find its way? With more customers, obviously. So let’s not miss out on a single lead, shall we? Get the best with lead capture using Zapier Integration.

Tasks-flow Smooth as a Brook
Get your tasks to flow smoothly without moving a muscle; be it adding new cards in Trello, getting notified in Slack or adding data in Google sheets neat and tidy. Zapier integration takes care of it all.

Revolve Around Your Customers
Engaging with your customers hasn’t been this proficient and breezy. Say your goodbyes to missing out on a client, forgetting a follow-up email, and leaving them with a frown. With Zapier integration, it’s time to gather some pertinent feedback and keep your customers happy and content.

We have just listed a few things you can do; the list is endless, and so are the possibilities. Go ahead and integrate SurveySparrow with your other favorite apps!

Until next time when we bring you something bigger and better.

All of us at SurveySparrow.

Aiswarya Menon

Product Marketer at SurveySparrow.

Happy engineer turned happier writer. Stumbled into the world of writing, irrevocably in love with it!

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