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Sparrow Found a Bigger, Better Nest!

Shihab Muhammed

24 January 2019

2 min read

At SurveySparrow HQ, things have been festive for the past couple of weeks. After months of slaving on our product, we got it launched, and the reception has been nothing short of awesome. We weren’t done celebrating that, but it seems we have another happy news to share. Already.

We moved! To a newer, bigger, better space!

From its truly humble beginnings, SurveySparrow has come quite a long way. Months ago, Subin & I started working in a 100 sqft office, calling ourselves the SurveySparrow Team.

The first-ever office of SurveySparrow – a modest 100 sqft space.

In no time, the team swelled in size, and we could no longer fit in the tiny office. In May of this year, we moved to a 400 sqft office in Infopark, where the team grew even more.

surveysparrow second office ksidc

A prime address and better infra, SurveySparrow’s second home.

With stellar Developers, Marketers and even a Customer Success expert, our team had all the bare essentials. And just in time to accommodate the growing Sparrow team, we have decided that we belong in a bigger, better office.

On November 1, an excited team in their SurveySparrow t-shirts showed up in the new office, putting things in place and getting everything sparkly for the inauguration. In the company of our friends and well-wishers, Infopark CEO Hrishikesh Nair cut the ribbon at 3.30 PM and formally inaugurated the office. We are now looking forward to coming to work every morning, even more than before 🙂

SurveySparrow office inauguration by Infopark CEO, Hrishikesh Nair


surveysparrow infopark office

Here’s our brand new office and the spirits can’t be higher.

…and dear well-wishers, as always we are humbled by the affection and support you show us at each of our achievements, big or small. Stick around, because there are more to come. You are, and has always been our favorite people 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings!

Shihab Muhammed

Founder & CEO at SurveySparrow

SaaS Entrepreneur, Growth Leader, Built and scaled multi-million dollar SaaS products. Passionate about building user-friendly SaaS Products.

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