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30+ Positive Review Examples and How To Respond To Them

Kate Williams

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13 June 2024

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What’s the first thing you do before buying a product or availing a service? Do you ask a friend or research on your own? I spend hours scrolling through the reviews, especially the ones where they have added images and videos. That’s a literal sigh of relief, right? 

Now, decoding reviews in your favor and extracting the aspects you need is an art, I tell you! Which is why you need to know how a good review looks. But don’t worry! The research is done! Here’s a list of positive review examples, how to write one, and ways to respond to one!

Why don’t we get started right away? If you want to jump to the examples, feel free to do so!

Off we go!

Let’s start with understanding the…

Importance of Positive Reviews

Let’s assume you are going to a cafe with your friend. You are in a new area and have nothing but Google Maps to depend on. What’d you do? Would you take the risk or choose the one with the best reviews? The latter, right? That’s because Positive reviews are like trust signals.

Let me tell you why I think they are vital…


They Build Trust and Online Reputation

When you see positive feedback, you automatically feel drawn towards the source, right? Such is the case with potential customers. When they come across your brand and see how people have had exceptional experiences with you, it’s a green flag for them to convert!

However, according to a study on the impact of online Reviews on consumers, 82% of consumers refer to product reviews before making a purchase. That’s not it! At least 60% go back to the comments every week!

So, trust is a deciding factor between you and your competitor! Each good response acts as a personal recommendation. The more reviews, the more likely they’ll feel confident to invest in you.

Source: G2

It is normal to receive neutral or negative feedback. You need to pay close attention to each one, understand the pain point, and take measures to turn each negative feedback into a positive one. Here’s where a reputation management tool comes in handy!

You can use SurveySparrow, for instance. When feedback starts flowing in, you can separate it into good, neutral, and bad, convert the ones that require attention into a ticket, assign it to the right team, and work on it. All this in a single dashboard! (But we’ll talk about the platform in a bit. If you want to explore, take it for a free spin!)

Directly Impact Consumer Behavior

As we mentioned above, most customers read online comments before a purchase. They are influenced by the sentiments encoded in each comment. Positive comments create emotional trust and have the power to persuade. On the other hand, negative reviews will have the opposite effect on consumer buying behavior!

Plus, online reviews are a trusted source and help in risk assessment. This is valid in cases where the product is not visible or physically accessible, such as online shopping or SaaS products.

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Now, let’s take a look at…

How to Write Positive Reviews

These are some tips I usually follow when writing a review. If you have your ways, perhaps you can try to mix and match!

  • Do not beat around the bush! It is always better to give details of the features that made you write the review. Just sit back for a moment and ask yourself,” Why am I in the feedback section?” You’ll have the answer right there. Also, such constructive reviews help a brand understand its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Give examples and attach images. I tend to follow this approach whenever a physical product is in hand. It helps the customers get an idea of how it looks in reality compared to what the brand projects.
  • Don’t hold back on appreciation if you like something. Show gratitude if any of their features have helped you, and let them know if you have any suggestions.
  • Lastly, be honest and ethical. Even though you share your opinion, you should not shake fake ones or those influenced by them.

It’s better to follow these best practices before publishing your reviews online. This shows your experience and expertise!

Now it’s time to see what good reviews look like!

Positive Review Examples

Over the week, we gathered a set of striking, good review examples. These inspired us to write beautiful comments that leave a mark in many ways. Perhaps they might help you, too!

Oh, just so that it doesn’t feel cluttered, I have categorized them as types of reviews:

Let’s begin with the first in the lot…

1. Product Reviews

This is the most common type of review. If you have shopped a product online at least once, you will likely read the reviews before purchasing.

  1. “I was blown away by the sleek design of this laptop. The battery life is amazing and is a game-changer for my gaming experience. The build quality is top-notch!”
  2. “I love this bag! The quality is impressive, and it’s perfect for everyday use. I would highly recommend this brand. Go for it!”
  3. “I was hesitant to invest in a herb garden until I saw this one, and it exceeded my expectations! It came with an easy-to-do guide, and the instructions helped me set it up in a few hours. The customer support was available 24/7 and addressed any questions I had.”
  4. “I have been taking these probiotic supplements for the past few weeks, and I’ve seen a significant improvement in my gut health. I appreciate the transparent labeling. Recommend it! “
  5. “At last, a good fitness tracker! The battery life is good and stays on a single charge for several days.”

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2. Service Reviews

Services can be provided in different ways. You will encounter various types when you visit a restaurant or cafe, travel via an airline, or a hospital.

Here are some positive service review examples…


Food Services

  1. “We had an incredible dining experience here. The staff was attentive, and the service was top-notch! The highlight was the cozy couches on the side where we could lounge and dine with our families! Worth a visit!”
  2. “I found this Cafe out of nowhere as I was street shopping! The rusting wooden furniture and antique copper-coated cutlery are topped with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee! And thank you, Martha, for making me feel at home. I’m coming back on my next visit.”

Travel and Hospitality

  1. “I spent a week at this hotel with my family. The pool was warm, and there were pool floats and balls for the kids. Though the stock of snacks was limited, there was a supermarket right around the corner.”
  2. “This travel agency came highly recommended, and I took the risk and booked a vacation to Amsterdam with them. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken with my family. They cared for everything, including the snacks during long rides. We did not have to move a finger. Give them a try!”

Healthcare Industry

  1. “My sister told me about this clinic, and I visited for a routine health checkup. I was impressed by the professionalism and how well-maintained the interior was. The doctor answered all my questions about the report, and the staff was so friendly!”
  2. “The facility is clean and maintained. I visited the pharmacy for my prescription refill. The pharmacist even explained the medication usage and side effects.”

3. Experience

This includes the thoughts and experiences users have upon experiencing your offerings. Positive reviews can commonly be found on the official websites or social media pages of museums, festivals, concerts, and the like.

Source: Expedia, Ticketmaster
  1. “The venue was intimate, and the sound quality was exceptional. This was the best crowd experience I have ever had. What an unforgettable day!”
  2. “We had a blast! The lineup at the festival was incredible. It had everything we expected! The food and drinks were amazing, and the staff managed the crowd well.”
  3. “I went on this Summer retreat with my friends last week. And I can’t help but share that this was one of the finest experiences I have ever had! There were Yoga classes on Sundays, and the instructor was friendly and matched our pace. And the little garden outside our room was the best place for some much-needed solitude!”
  4. “The exhibits in the Gallery were well-curated and maintained. Seeing the splash of colors on the walls that conveyed volumes without speaking a word was an absolute delight! I highly recommend visiting if you have an eye for art.”
  5. “Martha’s pottery workshop was just what I needed for this weekend! She was supportive and patient with each instruction, even though I made a mess of her studio! Now I have a new favorite hobby, and I’m booking my spot for the next one!”
  6. “When was the last time I laughed out loud like this, rolling on the floor? This was the funniest show I have attended in a long time. Kudos man!”

4. Business Reviews

Unlike product feedback, business reviews speak more about the brand or organization. For instance, when you like the speed of delivery, service, or even the online checkout process of an app.

  1.  “I recently visited the shopping center and was impressed by the number of outlets. The atmosphere was lively and welcoming, and now I have a place for all my favorite brands!
  2. “This law firm has the best lawyers in town! Though it took a while for me to get an appointment here, all my issues were sorted. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal services.”
  3. “I purchased an insurance from X company and was impressed by the options available. Also, the service team was prompt in responding to all the questions I had.”
  4. “It was my father’s birthday, and I purchased a customized hamper from Z Chocolatory. I had asked them to keep the assortments a surprise even for me, and boy, was I surprised! They even added a small card inside! Totally worth a try.”
  5. “This consultation is perfect for long-term fixes. I have been a loyal customer for the past three years, and their new venture is a huge hit!”

5. Miscellaneous Reviews

Now, let us look at some positive review examples at large.

  1. “The team at the X Restaurant went above and beyond to provide us with the best dining experience ever! From the warm welcome to the mouthwatering dishes, every aspect was top-notch. Oh, and the live music is perfect for a cozy evening date.”
  2. “What an incredible experience with XYZ service provider! They heard our vision and transformed it into life. The installation crew was punctual and did their job with utmost precision. Now I have a go-to provider!”
  3. “We have been shopping at YZ mall for years and always feel happy and satisfied while leaving. The prices are reasonable, and the selections are just amazing. You should give it a try!”
  4. “I have been visiting YFitness for the past three months, and it is the change I have always wanted! They have clean, modern, and top-of-the-line equipment. I can’t go without mentioning the incredible instructors. They try to make sure that we feel comfortable throughout the workout.”
  5. “When our cat was sick, we immediately took him to the clinic, and we’re so grateful we did. We had no experience caring for a cat, and the staff handled our panic well! The vet was a gem and explained the prescription and dosage repeatedly.”

Now that you know what a good review looks like, is it okay to leave things at that? Not at all! Just as feedback collection is crucial, closing the loop has the utmost value!

How To Respond to Positive Reviews

Let’s start with a few best practices you should never miss out on.

  • Keep it short and simple. Respond with a simple thank you and show appreciation for spending time with you.
  • Personalize the responses. Who wouldn’t be happy to be thanked with a personalized note? Take their name, explain why you appreciate them, and show them your gratitude for the feedback.
  • Be prompt. Do not wait days to reply. Replying within a day shows how commented you are to your users.
  • Keep a template ready. This will help you be available on time without delay. You might have hundreds of reviews on various platforms, and crafting content is difficult. It’d be better to keep a template ready and customize it.

Oh, here’s a thought..why don’t we create some templates and keep them ready?

Positive Review Response Examples

Here are some templates you can use and customize whenever you feel you are out of time.

  1. “Thank you, [name], for this sweet review. We’re so happy to hear that you love our [product]. Your feedback has been shared with our team. So grateful for customers like you!”
  2. “Wow, we’re over the moon to hear you had a great time with us! We look forward to serving you again soon!”
  3. “We’re thrilled to hear you found our team friendly and helpful. We can’t wait to welcome you back soon!”
  4. “We appreciate your time and effort in sharing your experience with us. Hope to see you again soon.”
  5. “This review made our day! Please enjoy 10% off on your next purchase with us with this code [code].”
  6. “We’re so glad you had a positive experience with us. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.”
  7. “Thank you for the 5-star review! If you feel anyone would benefit from our product, please send them our way!”
  8. “Thank you for the kind words. We can’t wait to share your feedback with the team!”
  9. “Can’t wait to share your thoughts with the team. Please do share if you have any suggestions. We’re all ears!”
  10. “Your feedback is valuable for us. We’re glad the customer team stole your heart, and you’re happy with the [specific product/service]!”

So, How Can SurveySparrow Help You?

Surveysparrow can help you in many ways! Both with Feedback Collection and with Online Reputation Management! There are many ways to get reviews and feedback, and surveys are one of the popular methods. With the platform, you can create engaging conversational surveys, roll them out via multiple platforms, and collect data.

Say you decide to roll out this customer feedback survey. You will get 40% more responses, which can help you make informed decisions with active feedback.

(Feel free to use this template and customize it how you want!)

Customer Feedback Survey Template

Next comes the reviews…

Online Reputation Management

SurveySparrow’s Reputation Management
  • Manage Multichannel Reviews: You can track customer interactions across online channels in one dashboard. This will prevent feedback from being abandoned!
  • Close the Loop: Negative reviews can be immediately ticketed to the relevant teams from the dashboard. Plus, you will get an overview of the average rating for a set period. No more dissatisfied customers! 
  • Website Embed: Attach and highlight customer testimonials on your website for your audience to see! This will build a sense of trust and credibility for your brand.
  • Advanced Analytics: With Sentiment analysis, you can segment customer reviews as positive, neutral, or negative. You can also view recurrent keywords with Word Cloud. That’s not it! With the AI-powered text analytics feature, Cognivue can conduct a root cause analysis and identify your strengths and weaknesses. It will also discover hidden issues and provide a sentiment score based on keyword count and mentions!

So, why not try SurveySparrow and see for yourself? You need not share your credit card details before you decide to invest. Take your time, and get started with a 14-day free trial! If you need a demo, we’ve got you!

Get onboard today!

That’s it! Now, it’s time to…

Wrap Up!

You can easily crack user feedback with these positive review examples and responses! Follow the best practices at all costs and try to build your method! It’s all about mix and match. Oh, and put yourself in your customers’ shoes before you respond.

So, what’s the wait?

Happy Exploring!

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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