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Popup Survey: Key Things To Know In 2023

Fasna Savad

3 January 2023

4 min read

As the user navigates through your website, they see a dialogue popup from the side. If the question looks interesting, they answer it!

Simple Science, isn’t it?

You get to know your customer’s mindset and also, you don’t hinder their exploration journey!

Well, we know you are intrigued to crack the perfect recipe to concoct an amazing popup survey for your website. Without much buildup, let’s get to the crux real quick.

What’s A Website Popup Survey?

Website popup surveys, also known as on-page surveys, are simply surveys that you can directly run on your website. The theme of the survey often matches the content on the website the user currently is in. 

Unlike intercept surveys that redirect the user to a new site or open a new tab, they can complete the survey by staying on the same site itself. The questions are highly specific in nature and usually consists of multiple-choice types.

Further, the survey doesn’t collect any personal information. The user can opt-out of the survey by just closing the popup. 

5 benefits of having a popup survey on your website

Low-cost method to collect feedback

The popup surveys cost much less than the conventional forms or questionnaires in terms of both labor and money. 

The survey is pretty simple to set up and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Further, the data collected would be highly useful, and you don’t have to waste time filtering out the spam answers.

Low maintenance 

Once the survey is up and going, it requires practically zero maintenance from your side. Set the required questions and just watch the responses flooding your inbox. Also, visitors can fill the form whenever they want or choose to. The users need not communicate with anyone from your office to complete the survey.

Customize it the way you want

You are in complete control of the popup survey. You can change the icon, give different opening messages, include some fun elements to make the survey a bit more interesting, or decide which pages should include the survey. The complete control is in your hand. Therefore, based on the content, you can shoot relevant questions at the customers without pissing them off.

Easily grabs the attention

You may leave links to your surveys in between the paragraph hoping the customer would take time to click and find out what it is. But no!

With popup surveys, you can easily grab the customers’ attention and ask them only the relevant questions. Further, they would hardly be any customer who hasn’t tried out what the popup survey is about with all those customisations! 

Therefore, participation is almost sure!

Greater reach

When you attach a popup survey to your website, you are more likely to see greater engagement rates. Instead of sending surveys to emails and never getting any of them opened, you can easily shoot one or two specific questions and gain the answer immediately. Further, all the visitors of your website would be able to see this, and not just the ones who actually opened and read your email.

Greater reach guarantees better response rates!

4 Best practices to follow while creating a popup survey

Define the purpose of the survey before starting

Before you start creating a survey, have a clear goal and plan in place. 

  • Why are you creating the survey? 
  • What are you planning to do with the results? 
  • Is it for market research or to gather feedback?

These are some questions to ask yourself while preparing the questions. Unlike traditional survey forms, you cant include lengthy and unnecessary questions in the survey. Therefore, you will have to make the maximum use of the chance you get. 

When you have a clear cut plan in mind, you can easily decide what questions to include and what to omit. 

The question type

Before you activate the popup survey on your website, remember this:

The people who take popup surveys visit the website with a motive – it may be to explore your product or make a conversion. They surely don’t expect to see a survey on the page or visit the page to complete it.

Thus, avoid questions that ask the visitors to explain their problems with the product or what prompted them to make the purchase. Instead, stick to multiple-choice type questions or rating scales. This way, they can easily let you know the feedback and carry on with their scrolling and exploration.

Implement targeting

If you want to ask a bit more specific questions to your customers, you can use the targeting settings. 

For example: if a consumer researches about your product and read all those information on site. Still, he didn’t convert. When you implement targeting options, you can reach out to these types of consumers alone and know why they didn’t purchase the product. This way, you won’t bug the costumes which have just discovered the product.

Design the popup survey to match your brand’s identity

A good popup survey software will let you modify the theme of the popup survey and its widget as per your company’s color scheme. This way, the survey widget would blend in with your website’s theme and still stand out.

Make sure you don’t go overboard on colors or design the widget in such a way that it isn’t seen at all. It’s the widget that pops up, and therefore, it should grab the user’s attention.

Regularly view the results and make use of the data

Companies often forget to analyze the inputs they get from the website popup survey. This shouldn’t be the case.

For example, if the popup survey inquires the customer how smooth their whole website experience was and the customer expresses that he doesn’t like the experience. You didn’t even look into the query or response the customer left. Not only will you lose that customer, but also he might post a negative comment on your social handles about your poor customer situation.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, always keep a close watch on the responses and actually use the data.

The data collected can be analyzed in several ways. You can integrate the survey software with CRM software and use the survey responses for lead capture. Further, when you have enough responses, the software report dashboard would easily uncover the trends and patterns hidden in the data collected.

But when the data suggest you implement some change, make sure you act upon it.

Having a popup survey in place isn’t enough; it should ask highly targeted questions, and you need to use that data to improve your services. Only then it would be truly meaningful. So what are you waiting for?

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Fasna Savad

Full-time introvert with a dash of spontaneity and at times, A writer!


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