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What is Multi Rater Feedback + Multi Rater Feedback Examples


26 May 2023

4 min read

Welcome, corporate trailblazers and pioneering HR professionals! You’ve landed on the treasure trove of talent management insights – and today’s shiny gem? Multi rater feedback. 

In our ever-evolving organizational landscape, the power of perspective cannot be overstated. So, buckle up as we venture on a quest to understand, appreciate, and effectively deploy multi rater feedback in your workspace.

The Anatomy of Multi Rater Feedback

Let’s start by dissecting the components of the coveted multi rater feedback examples and multi rater feedback itself. 

Multi rater feedback

Picture a bird’s eye view of your organization, capturing inputs from all directions. From team members working elbow-to-elbow, and supervisors providing constructive guidance, to self-evaluations that enhance personal growth – it’s a comprehensive feedback feast!

Multi Rater  Feedback vs. Traditional Feedback

Unlike the ‘one-way street’ of traditional feedback, multi rater  feedback is akin to an active roundabout of communication. It shatters hierarchical boundaries and initiates enriching dialogues that foster growth and harmony. So, in essence, multi-rater feedback transforms feedback from a monologue into a rewarding conversation!

Why Multi Rater Feedback Matters

There are two major reasons why multi-rater feedback is a must for your organization:

360 degree assessment

1. Employee Well-being

Gone are the days when employee well-being was merely a buzzword. In our modern workspaces, it’s a critical aspect of organizational success. Multi rater feedback goes beyond assessing job performance—it captures a holistic picture of employees’ professional growth and personal development.

2. Enhanced Employee Engagement

It’s no secret – employees feel valued when they’re involved in the process, not just the result. By allowing them to contribute and receive feedback, multi rater feedback boosts engagement, commitment, and ultimately, organizational productivity.

A Dive into Multi Rater Feedback Examples

#1. Positive Feedback Examples

Consider a scenario where John, a data analyst, is knowledgeable about simplifying complex data. The feedback could be, 

“John, your ability to present intricate data in an understandable format has significantly improved team comprehension and client satisfaction. Keep up the splendid work!”

#2. Peer Review Example

Now imagine Jane, a team member whose collaboration has led to a successful project. The feedback could be,

“Jane, your teamwork spirit and constructive inputs were instrumental to our project’s success. Your continued collaboration is much appreciated!”

#3. 360-Degree/ Multi Rater Feedback Samples

Lastly, consider Amy, a manager who showed great adaptability during a market shift but could improve her technical skills. 

The feedback might be, “Amy, your adaptability during the recent market shift helped us stay afloat. However, to enhance your leadership, we suggest focusing on improving your technical skills.”

Other Major Multi Rater Feedback Examples/Samples:

#1.Positive Feedback from a Peer: “Your collaborative spirit and innovative ideas during last month’s project were truly inspiring. Your approach has made a significant positive impact on our team’s morale and productivity.”

#2.Constructive Feedback from a Superior: “While your technical skills are top-notch, there is room for improvement in your communication skills, specifically during presentations. A focus on this area could really boost your overall effectiveness.”

Multi rater feedback tool

#3.Feedback from a Subordinate: “Your guidance and support during the project execution were extremely helpful. However, greater transparency in communicating expectations could make task execution smoother.”

#4.Self-Evaluation Feedback: “Over the last year, I have improved my project management skills, although time management remains a challenge. I plan to focus on this area for the next few months.”

#5.Positive Feedback from a Client: “Your responsiveness and attention to detail during our product implementation were impressive. Your efforts made the transition much easier for us.”

#6.Constructive Feedback from a Peer: “Your expertise in the subject matter is commendable. However, your tendency to dominate meetings can inhibit others from sharing their ideas. Allowing more space for others could foster a more inclusive team environment.”

Deploying 360-Degree Feedback

Deploying multi rater feedback is akin to sailing—it needs navigation, balance, and coordination. 

  1. Begin by setting clear guidelines and expectations. 
  2. Ensuring confidentiality will bolster trust in the process. 
  3. But most importantly, focus on providing actionable feedback to drive growth and development.

Leverage SurveySparrow for Successful Multi Rater Feedback

As your partner in this feedback journey, SurveySparrow offers you an intuitive, user-friendly platform filled with tools that can empower your multi rater feedback process. 

From ensuring confidentiality to making the feedback actionable, SurveySparrow can be your go-to mate in this journey. Try it now!


In our rapidly evolving corporate jungle, the survival of the fittest doesn’t apply to those who work alone but to those who adapt, collaborate, and grow together. Let multi rater feedback be your catalyst in fostering a culture of growth, engagement, and well-being.

Don’t let the fear of implementation hold you back. Ready to embrace a world where feedback is constructive, comprehensive, and collaborative? Well, SurveySparrow is here to guide you every step of the way.

Sign up today! and be ready to soar to new heights of success.


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