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Top Market Intelligence Tools You Must Try (Free Tools Included)

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

12 June 2024

10 min read

What makes the best market intelligence tools? Is it advanced analytics features? Ease of use and intuitiveness? Or maybe it is the cost of each one.

A tool that combines all these stand out to me. What about you? Let’s find out.

But before that…

What is Market Intelligence?

Market intelligence is the process of analyzing everything and anything related to your business. This includes gathering details about competitors, target customers, trends, consumer behavior, and emerging competitions.

Are you thinking, “But why is this so important? Can’t I just introduce my creativity to the world?”

You’re not wrong. We should be all about the risks. However, risk assessment plays a crucial role in shaping your brand identity. Only when you get an idea of the market, the industry gaps, and the existing innovative ideas can you create something unique! Right?

To transition from an idea to a full-fledged working brand, you must have the backup of advanced market intelligence tools. These platforms can help you with every detail of the competitive market space.

Top 10 Market Intelligence Tools

Here’s a table for a sneak peek.

ToolKey Features
SurveySparrowConversational Surveys, Advanced Analytics, NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys, Online Reputation Management
KompyteCompetitive intelligence, Company profiles, Customizable dashboards
SemrushContent and SEO analysis, Keyword research, Backlink analysis
AlphaSenseMarket and consumer research, Consumer and Brand reports, Market Insights
ContifyCompetitive intelligence, Website analysis, Audience analysis
SimilarwebWebsite analysis, Audience Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Keyword research
CrunchbaseCompany profiles, Funding data, Employee data, Product data
KlueCompetitive intelligence, Company profiles, Automated workflows
OwlerCompetitive intelligence, News alerts, Industry analysis
AhrefsKeyword research, Backlink analysis, Competitor analysis

Let’s start with the first in the lot!

1. SurveySparrow: For Customer Feedback and Sentiment Analysis


With audience management, sentiment analysis, text analytics, and advanced third-party integrations, SurveySparrow is one of the best research platforms in the market. The data collection tool allows you to create engaging surveys, forms, quizzes, and polls, share them via multiple platforms, and collect customer insights.

Well, it does not stop there. You can visualize and analyze the data you collected on the executive dashboard with advanced tools for rich market insights. Plus, AI-powered Surveys and Text analytics take half of your work away! Get 40% more responses and save a ton of your time.

Well, again, don’t take my word for it! Let the facts speak for themselves, right?

Key Features

  • Conversational Surveys: Market research surveys allow you to conduct detailed research and analyze your competition. You can gather competitor data, customer feedback, and insights. Plus, conversational surveys and forms have a higher completion rate.

Here’s a sample template made with SurveySparrow. Feel free to customize it if you like it. 

Market Research Survey Template

  • You can customize the surveys with multiple question types, themes, and colors. They are image and video-supported, so that’s sorted! Add images as options, a GIF in the background, or a color that suits your brand image. Oh, wait! You can White-label the surveys. Remove SurveySparrow’s logo and add yours for branding.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Once you share your surveys via the platform of your choice (yes, there are multiple options), your dashboard will be filled with real-time responses. These responses will be anonymous, so survey takers need not worry about their identities!
  • Advanced Analytics: This includes sentiment analysis, AI-driven Text analytics (Cognivue), individual response summaries, and report summaries. With these tools, you can decode the underlying meaning of customer feedback and get insights into customer sentiment and emotions.


  • Based on the feedback, Cognivue conducts a key driver analysis. This provides root cause analysis, hidden insights, and a sentiment score based on keyword mentions and counts.
SurveySparrow’s AI-Powered Text Analytics CogniVue
  • Audience Management: Target specific sections of the audience with segmentation based on trends and patterns. This will optimize your marketing and sales campaigns.

Why don’t you take SurveySparrow for a free spin? You need not invest a penny or even share your card details now! If you like it, you can even shift to the Free-Forever plan.

Now, if you want advanced features, the plan for individuals starts at just $4/month and $19/month for teams.

But here’s a detailed breakdown for those who want the paid plan details…

Pricing PlansStarting PriceFeatures
Basic Plan$19Multiple question types and basic features
Business Plan$79Advanced features
Professional Plan$249Additional features
CX Suite$249NPS, CSAT, CES surveys- measuring customer loyalty, satisfaction, and effort scores
360 AssessmentsCustom QuoteResearch-backed question banks, advanced performance analytics, and group reports
Reputation Management$0Limited free version; $79 for full features

Let’s quickly move on to the next tool…

2. Kompyte: For Competitive Intelligence and Market Research


Kompyte is a Competitive Intelligence Automation Software acquired by Semrush in 2022. The platform helps you be informed about the trends by tracking all the important data points. This includes websites, reviews, content, and even job postings.

Key Features

  • AI-Generated Summaries: You can get filtered daily summaries about what’s happening in the market with the help of AI. These summaries also work on PDFs.
  • Battlecards: They call these their sales-ready Battlecards. They highlight the overviews and differentiators to give you every piece of information you need to close a deal. Plus, the integration of bidirectional CRM and sales tools is an added bonus for sales reps.
  • Kompyte GPT: You can save a ton of your time. The AI Assistant will help you with instant search and analysis.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (102 Reviews)

One red flag raised by customers was its inability to capture smaller competitors. At the same time, they appreciate the efficiency with which the tool tracks the movements of the larger competitors.


  • You can request a Demo or contact their team for a detailed quote.

Next up…

3. Semrush: For Digital Marketing and SEO Analysis


Users call Semrush an all-in-one market intelligence tool that offers a market overview, trend analysis, and traffic analytics. Oleg Shchegolev, CEO and Founder, initiated the idea of Semrush with a vision to make online competition transparent! Interesting, right?

Key Features

  • Instant Market Overview: The user-friendly interface and customizable dashboard make analysis of any market as easy as pie! You can segment the completion by acquisition channels, traffic trends, and audience demographics.
  • Pre-Set Business Categories: You get over 100 pre-set categories for analysis. This also helps you benchmark the top competitors upon analyzing a market, regardless of the size.
  • Traffic Analytics: Get data on website performance, traffic volume, and audience insights and set benchmarks to work your way up to.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (2,069 Reviews)

A user on G2 reviews states that Semrush is the tool to use if you are an SEO consultant. The paid plan provides in-depth reports is suitable for beginners as they are self-explanatory.

4. AlphaSense: For Market and Consumer Research


With AlphaSense‘s real-time insights monitoring, you won’t fooled by any market blind spots. With the extensive content, the library holds 300 million+ external documents that can help you with competitor research. Plus, you have AI technology to reduce the time spent on research and focus on analysis!

Key Features

  • Workflow: You can share the collected competitor data across your organizations with every teammate using Notebook templates. Plus, highlight important points, annotate required fields, and add tables for better comprehension.
  • Search: You can search for keywords, brands, or trends in the market. Plus, the AI chatbot can answer your queries with accurate results. This helps you streamline your research process.
  • Monitor: You get access to data from trusted sources, view it all on the customizable dashboard, and set alerts.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (222 Reviews)

According to users, AlphaSense has a good customer support team. Though its dashboard personalization features are good, some users would like the option to cluster the dashboard based on topics.


  • You can get a free trial.
  • Contact the team for a detailed quote.

Let’s move on to the next tool…

5. Contify: For Competitive Intelligence and Industry Analysis


With Contify you can stay updated about global and regional industry trends, key developments and see what is changing in the market. This will give you a peek into Risk intelligence, which will help you tackle potential issues that can slow done your workflow.

Key Features

  • Customizable Dashboards: You can identify trends and patterns in the activities of your competitors. These dashboards are intuitive and user-friendly and can be dedicated to each competitor.
  • Newsletter Reports: These reports are customizable! With a template builder, you can add your logo, color, and theme for each report.
  • Newsfeed: You can curate the newsfeed with smart filters or add comments so that your team is on the same page. Contify’s market intelligence platform uses proprietary crawling infrastructure from multiple sources to get information on global competitors.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (87 Reviews)

Their customer support is the most appreciated aspect in G2. A user shared that the team was available for the minutest of assistance needed.


  • You can start a free trial.
  • Contact the team for a quote.

6. Similarweb: For Website and Online Behavior Analysis


Similarweb is a market and audience intelligence platform that lets you conduct audience analysis and market research. It also lets you track demand by following the customer journey. Plus, with the funnel and market optimization, you can identify the channels that drive the most traffic and have the highest conversion rates.

Kye Features

  • Affiliate Research: Find the best-performing referral sources and partner affiliates and build connections that fit your brand’s profile.
  • Ad Intelligence: With this, you can select the right publishers and roll out winning campaigns. Plus, you get a detailed picture of their campaigns and optimize yours accordingly.
  • PPC Tool: No more overspending! Use the marketing budget for the right campaigns that drive growth. Track the paid traffic and engagement, and see how others perform.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (1,001 Reviews)

Users prefer the platform for trend and macro analysis. They like the user-friendly interface and its ability to provide website traffic details.


  • The starter plan will cost you $125/month (if billed annually)

Do these features of Similarweb add up to be in this list of the best market intelligence tools?

7. Crunchbase: For Company and Startup Research


Crunchbase is a competitor profiling platform that will help you build an ideal customer base. It allows you to identify investors, prospects, and investment opportunities and conduct thorough market research.

Key Features

  • Personalized Searches: With granular searches, you can identify and investigate the right prospects and filter them according to location, industry, or funding.
  • Templates: The tool offers customizable templates for the list of investors. To use one, add your preferences and hit send!
  • Market Research: It provides live company data by importing lists of prospects to the platform. You can also enable real-time alerts to monitor market shifts.

G2 Rating: 5.4/5 (340 Reviews)

Crunchbase is seen as a market intelligence tool that is fit for big and small companies. A user commented on G2 Reviews that it helps them be updated with industry news.


  • You can try the platform for free.
  • The paid plan starts at $29/month.

Next up…

8. Klue: For Competitive Intelligence and Market Insights


This AI-powered intelligence platform automatically dives deep into customer and market insights. With its advanced features, you can analyze the insights, distribute them across your organization, and measure the impact!

Key Features

  • Automatic Data Collection: Kule’ll do the hard work here! The platform will scan through each of the touchpoints. With this information, you can focus on tracking market changes, gaps, and new innovations.
  • Klue AI: It instantly provides you with verified insights, such as summarized articles and reviews. It also filters out most of the noise and gives you secure data.
  • Digests: You can create internal intel to share market insights with every team across the organization. Share them via email, Slack, or Teams.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (424 Reviews)

A trusted customer shared that Klue’s ability to instantly share insights through their existing tech stack was a key reason they chose the tool.


  • Contact the team for a quote.

Couldn’t find the one for you yet? Don’t worry. There are two more left in the lot.

9. Owler: For Competitor Email Analytics and Campaign Analysis


This competitor intelligence AI-enabled tool crowdsources crucial market information so that you can stay updated. Integrate your tool with advanced third-party connections, discover new contacts, and improve your response rate!

Key Features

  • Owler AI: It personalizes messages, voicemails, and emails for your campaigns so that you can focus more on other aspects.
  • Competitor Graph: You can identify competitors that target the same customer base and analyze them on the graph. All you need to do is enter the names of your top competitors and hit send.
  • Personalized Database: Get a detailed list of companies you must track for market insights. You can acquire customers and partners and build a strong network by converting the insights into new strategies.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (79 Reviews)

Though there are a few complaints about a “clunky user interface,” users like how easy it is to set up, and updates are sent directly to their inbox.


  • You can try the platform for free.
  • The community plan, for personal use, is free of cost.
  • The Pro plan is priced at $39/month. 

Time for the last one!

10. Ahrefs: For Keyword Research and Backlink Analysis


This SEO expert helps you stay ahead of the competition by tracking a brand’s online presence! You can optimize your website by analyzing and comparing the organized and paid traffic, backlinks, and SERP rankings.

Key Features

  • Site Explorer: This gives you a clear picture of your competitors’ organic traffic and backlink profiles. By analyzing the performing pages, you can understand the strategies you need to implement.
  • Audit: You can conduct an SEO audit on your website and see what you’re missing. The size of your website isn’t a matter here!
  • Content Explorer: Identify the link prospects in your niche and reach out to build a network of backlinks. It also helps you with innovative ideas for your next campaign!

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (528 Reviews)

Users prefer the content gap analysis feature the most. A long-time user values the tool’s ease of use and appreciates its ability to provide accurate data from Google searches.


  • You can get started with the Lite plan for $129/month.


That’s a Wrap!

Did any of these market intelligence tools catch your eye? Take your time, consider each point we discussed above, and make a decision. Do not rush into it! Oh, and don’t forget to see if it fits your pocket!

While you’re at it, why don’t you try SurveySparrow today? A 14-day free trial will give you an idea of the advanced features!

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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