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30+ Spooky Halloween Trivia Questions for Kids

Parvathi Vijayamohan

11 April 2022

3 min read

Need some fun Halloween trivia questions for kids? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you need icebreakers for your fa-boo-lous online Halloween party or get creative with the trick and treaters, you could start a Halloween tradition. Scroll on for 30+ Halloween trivia questions that are spooky AND fun!

PS: Scaring is caring. You can also check out our interactive, animated Halloween Trivia Questions template. It’s pre-loaded with interesting Halloween trivia – but we can’t wait to see you get creative with it!

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Halloween Trivia Questions

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Halloween Trivia Questions for Kids (and Your Inner Kid)

Halloween: Historic Trivia

#1. In which country did Halloween originate?

Answer: Ireland

#2. What does “hallow” mean anyway?

Answer: To make sacred. During this time, lots of cultures honor the dead, good or bad, including saints and martyrs.

#3. What is the final day of Halloween?

Answer: All Souls’ Day

#4. Out of which vegetable were Jack O’ Lanterns originally made?

Answer: Turnips

#5. What was the original purpose of the Halloween costume?

Answer: To avoid attracting the spirits’ attention.


Halloween: Lore

#6. According to Halloween myth, what happens if a bat flies around you or your home thrice on Halloween?

Answer: Someone in the house will die.

#7. What do the traditional Halloween colors of orange and black symbolize?

Answer: Harvest and the death of summer

#8. The jack-o-lantern was born out of the myth of Stingy Jack. What was the myth?

Answer: He took the Devil for a drink and tricked him. Read the legend of Stingy Jack.

#9. What does it mean if you spot a spider on Halloween?

Answer: A loved one’s spirit is watching over you.

#10. You’re out on Halloween night…and you hear footsteps behind you. What should you absolutely not do?

Answer: Stop and look back. You’re probably being followed by a ghost.

Halloween: Traditions

#11. What is Allhallowtide?

Answer: Allhallowtide is a three-day religious observance. It includes Halloween, which comes first, followed by All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

#12. During Halloween, what’s the gathering of people to dine together in absolute silence called as?

Answer: Dumb supper.

#13. If you made a reverse resolution on Halloween, what did you do?

Answer: You wrote down the things you wanted out of your life and burned the paper.

#14. If you visit an Italian family during Halloween, you may see them putting what objects out?

Answer: Food for the visiting spirits.

#15. What is Sumpango, Guatemala famous for?

Answer: Their giant Halloween kite festival. To honor the dead, the people build brightly colored kites and fly them in cemeteries.


Halloween: Food

#16. When was candy corn invented?

Answer: In the late 1880s. This iconic candy was invented by an employee of the Jelly Belly Candy Company, and they use the original recipe even now.

#17. Who or what is Barmbrack?

Answer: Ireland’s traditional Halloween dessert. Read more about barmbrack and its quirky, and sometimes dark, predictions.

#18. In which country can you find sugar skulls during Halloween season?

Answer: Mexico. Check before taking a bite though, as they could be meant for the dead.

#19. What nation’s food might be the origin of trick-or-treating?

Answer: Portugal’s  Pão de Deus  – ‘Bread of God’. This was originally given to kids and the poor as a treat when they went from house to house singing and praying for the dead.

#20. If you want to eat this Halloween treat, forget about cutting it – you’ll have to bash it with a hammer. What’s it called?

Answer: Bonfire toffee, made from black treacle, butter and sugar. It comes in sheets, and is absurdly brittle.

Halloween: Movie Trivia

#21. Which movie is about a teenage girl with superpowers who becomes a villain?

Answer: Carrie.

#22. Which sea creature has inspired plenty of monster flicks?

Answer: The shark.

#23. ‘Annabelle’ is based on an actual doll. True or false?

Answer: True. The movie Annabelle is based on a haunted doll kept in the Occult Museum in Connecticut.

#24.I see dead people.

Sounds familiar? Identify the movie.

Answer: The Sixth Sense.

#25. Guess the name of the next movie. Here are some clues:

😺 🪦👹

Answer: Pet Sematary


Halloween: Online

#26. Which of these is not a Resident Evil subtitle?

  1. Nemesis
  2. Revelations
  3. Biohazard
  4. Code: Fear

Answer: Code: Fear.

#27. Which Fortnitemare mode did Fornite launch during Halloween of ‘19?

Answer: The Storm King LTM (Limited Time Mode).

#28. Miquela Sousa is an influencer like any other. She’s 19 years old, rocks CK and Prada, and has 3.1 million followers. What sets her apart?

Answer: She doesn’t actually exist. Miquela Sousa, known as @lilmiquela, is the world’s first virtual fashion influencer.

#29. Which of these urban legends was invented by the Internet?

  1. Bloody Mary
  2. Slender Man
  3. Umm Al Duwais
  4. Chupacabra

Answer: Slender Man; he was born as a meme on creepypasta. He is shown as an unusually tall, thin, human-like figure with a featureless face and black suit.

#30. What was the most trending Halloween costume for kids in the US in 2021?

Answer: Squid Game!

Wrapping Up

That’s our roundup of 30 Halloween trivia questions for kids. We’ll leave you with one final brain-picker:

Who made me has no need of me.

Who uses me doesn’t care.

Fire, water, stone or pit.

You’ll need to have a foot in before I fit. 

What am I?


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