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Zendesk is a web-based help desk software that makes it simple to provide excellent customer support.

Zendesk Survey Integration: Use Cases

Zendesk Survey Integration allows you to automate your workflows to trigger surveys at the right time and keep track of survey responses efficiently. Follow up with customers, identify areas for improvement, and take the necessary measures to ensure the best experience to your customers!

Trigger a CSAT survey once a ticket is closed

Trigger customer satisfaction surveys to ticket requesters once a ticket is closed or resolved. Collect valuable feedback at the right time with Zendesk Survey integration.

Add contacts automatically

Add new contacts to your SurveySparrow account automatically using Zendesk Survey integration. When you receive a new lead, add the contact automatically in your survey software. Save the trouble of migrating contacts from one tool to another.

Monitor customer feedback in real-time

Send out periodic customer satisfaction surveys to keep in constant touch with the customer pulse. Trigger transactional NPS surveys to ticket requesters once a ticket is closed. Monitor feedback in real-time, and improve overall customer experience using Zendesk survey integration.

Follow-up & improve

Capture the underlying factors which drive both positive and negative comments from your customers. Use relational NPS surveys to identify and target the areas which need immediate attention. Zendesk survey integration helps you understand which clients to follow-up with and engage better with them.

How to set up your Zendesk Survey Integration


A webhook in web development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page, or web application, with custom callbacks.

Note: Similar to Trigger we can create Webhooks for Automation too.

Step 1: Create a Webhook (Http Target)

Step 2: Navigate to Settings, go to Extension and Click Add New Targets.

Step 3: Choose Http target from the list.

Step 4: Enter the name of the target (Trigger Webhook) and URL({share_id}) and choose the method (PUT).

Step 5: Enable the Basic Authentication checkbox and enter the credentials(Username: email ID and Password: Authtoken).

Step 6: Test and Save the target.

Step 7: Create a Trigger:

Step 8: Navigate to Settings, go to Triggers and click Add Trigger.

Step 9: Enter the Name and Description and Choose a Condition(Ticket status is closed).

Step 10: Under Action, choose Notify Target and select the Webhook target(which we had created earlier).

Step 11: Save and test the Trigger.


Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Trigger - New Action on Ticket

Step 1: Choose App and Event - Zendesk and New Action on ticket

Step 2: Choose Account - Sign in to your Zendesk Account

Step 3: Customize Action - Select Ticket

Step 4: Find Data - Choose Sample data to Send

Step 5: Test the connection

Action - Share Survey

Step 1: Choose App and Event - SurveySparrow and Choose Survey to Send

Step 2: Choose Account - Sign in to your SurveySparrow Account

Step 3: Customize Share Survey

Step 4: Select Survey from the List

Step 5: Select a Share option(Email share)

Step 6: Select a recipient email ID

Step 7: Share Ticket ID(Optional)

Step 8: Test the connection