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WordPress is a content management system you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.

Nearly 20% of the top 10 million sites and over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power their website.

In addition, WordPress offers customization of the platform using plugins and templating systems so that you can customize websites to fit your business requirements. WordPress forms are primarily used in the contact section of a WordPress website, and WordPress Surveys are used to capture customer feedback or visitor feedback.

How to use WordPress

WordPress is an easy tool to operate with an intuitive UI. Now, let's see the basic steps required to create a WordPress-based website.

• Select a WordPress plan that suits your requirements from the five different programs they offer on or Download the Free WordPress Installation Script from
• Connect your website's domain name and hosting provider
• Customize your WordPress website using various themes and templates
• Add content to your website in the form of posts and pages
• Beyond themes, you can further customize your websites through different options available within the dashboard itself
• Add functionality to WordPress website by installing plugins
• Finally, optimize your website performance for a better user experience

Is WordPress free?

Yes, WordPress is Free and Open Source Progam if downloaded from

On the other hand, if you choose the hosted version of, the platform provides five different plans based on its pricing options: free, personal, premium, business, and eCommerce.

The free plan will have some limitations in its features compared to other options. So you can choose the most appropriate one based on your constraints and requirements.

WordPress alternatives

WordPress is one of the top content management platforms in the market.They become prominent with their unique features and automation facilities.

Some of the top WordPress Competitors are:

• Wix
• Shopify
• Drupal
• Squarespace

WordPress Features


Integrate WordPress with Zapier Integration to use it with all your apps, including SurveySparrow.

Easy to use

It's straightforward to build and manage your website quickly and effortlessly using the WordPress platform without complicated settings.

Enhance speed

WordPress is always trying to remove code that slows down the loading speed to enhance user experience while visiting your page. As a result, the recent updates for WordPress have improved the load speed of websites hosted on the platform.


You can keep your website more attractive by customizing it with different themes and templates to make it more impressive for your customers and match your brand identity.

WordPress Survey Integration: Use Cases

The WordPress Survey Plugin allows you to collect valuable feedback about your website, grab more leads, and collect contact information on the go. Analyze your website's performance and receive higher response rates with WordPress integration with SurveySparrow!

Create a Post in Wordpress once a survey is submitted

Automate your workflow to create a post in WordPress automatically on receiving a new survey submission, with WordPress Survey plugin.

Collect website feedback dynamically

Collect actionable feedback from your WordPress site with SurveySparrow's Website Feedback Survey. With WordPress Stats, you have the entire pulse of your website at your fingertips. Make your website more dynamic than ever with the WordPress Survey plugin!

Gather lead information easily

Grab more leads by embedding the Lead Generation Form offered by SurveySparrow in your WordPress site. You can embed the form easily on your website, without any coding, by copy-pasting the auto-generated code snippet. The lead form can be a pop-up card, a chatbot for your website, or inline embedded. Say goodbye to the routine form-filling experience, and collect higher response rates from website visitors using survey bots.

Collect contact information seamlessly

Collect contact information from thousands of website visitors seamlessly with the WordPress Survey plugin. Using SurveySparrow's lively & engaging contact form in your website, update your contact lists in real-time, and receive more responses from an engaged audience.

Use chatbot for website & engage with users

Use Feedbot, our conversational chatbot for websites in your WordPress site, to help you gather valuable feedback and insights from website visitors. Use widget throttling to trigger the Feedbot to your website visitors only once in a given time period. Customize to the dot, and create intelligent & stunning bots.

Better experiences

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