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Survey Migration
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Survey Migration

What is Survey Migration App?

Survey Migration app is an in-house application developed by SurveySparrow to help migrate surveys from a different platform to SurveySparrow. It makes it simple to replicate your surveys without having to create them again in SurveySparrow. It ensures that you have a smooth onboarding process and get started with the platform quickly.

Survey Migration App: Use cases

Migrate surveys from Qualtrics to SurveySparrow

Facilitate a smooth transition from Qualtrics to SurveySparrow by migrating your surveys with ease. There would have been a significant investment in terms of time and data when you created surveys in Qualtrics. With the Survey Migration app, you can easily import the surveys. And that includes importing your questionnaires, logic, and design into SurveySparrow without the need to recreate them from scratch. This ensures minimal disruption to survey operations during the platform transition.

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