What is slack?

Slack is a messaging platform that connects you with your co-workers at any time, even when they're working remotely.

It's great for organizations, as it enables communication between team members regardless of where they are located or what time zone separation might exist within their company offices.

What is slack used for?

The Slack app allows you to stay in constant touch with your co-workers, even when working remotely. It is available on all devices and can be used through messages or voice calls without any delay, making it convenient for both parties involved.

Slack Integrations

With a Slack account, you can seamlessly connect it with other applications without having any interruptions or disruptions in your workflow. The integration between different tools will help boost productivity by making it easier for users to switch back and forth as needed with ease.

Integrating Slack with SurveySparrow is easy and hassle-free; follow the steps below to start making the most of your survey efforts through slack integration.

Is Slack free to use?

Slack offers free and paid versions. The premium plans offer more features than the Free version.>

Paid plans offer more features with increased flexibility for exploring what Slack has in store.

How Secure is Slack?

Slack has top-notch security features that will help you stay on the cutting edge of data protection and information governance.

It's equipped with enterprise-grade solutions for securing your organization at all levels, which is especially important for protecting user privacy or ensuring business continuity in case something goes wrong.

Slack Features

Slack Integrations

Slack is a company that offers an easy-to-use platform for managing daily tasks.

Integration with many different applications will allow you to work more efficiently without complications. Some of these slack integrations include MailChimp, Intercom, ZenDesk and SurveySparrow.

Audio and video calls

Imagine being able to communicate with your co-workers in a more engaging channel even when you are continents away from each other. You can do this by using Slack, an app that lets you talk and share files without having any other platforms like Skype or Google meetings!


You can connect bots to Slack, with which you can have your bot do everything from reminding you about important deadlines, taking notes during meetings and more.

All this is possible with the help of an API that will allow developers to create bots for any task they need to be done instantly without having anyone else code it themselves. You can create your bot to help with productivity and communications.

Slash commands

A slash command is a handy tool that you can use to create shortcuts and expedite your activities within the platform. There are many pre-defined commands available, depending on your requirements.

Private Channels

Slack's private channel feature is designed for quick, easy and secure communication.

Create private channels to share documents or have a one-on-one conversation with co-workers in the limited members of that particular channel - it will make sending confidential information easier than ever.

You can also use Slack as a channel of communication across different teams by creating multiple separate discussion groups, each dedicated towards specific tasks like sales etc.; this ensures you never miss out again when someone wants input from your side on an issue because they can send messages directly into their workspace without being seen by any other user besides themselves.


Slack has a mobile app and works on all mobile devices, so you'll have access 24/7.

It's especially useful if the office PC isn't available, as it allows for instant responses on messages even when out and about.

You also get all of its features without having too much hardware taking up space in one place.

Slack Survey Integration: Use Cases

Conduct Daily Standups & View Real-Time Survey Responses in Slack

Conduct Daily Standups using SurveySparrow’s Slack share to help employees track their progress, streamline workflows, and clear bottlenecks, if any. Track and view the responses in real-time when the user submits the survey.

Notify Survey Responses to Slack Channels/Users

Notify Slack channels/users instantly on receiving feedback. Get updates on survey responses in real-time with Slack Survey integration.

Get notified each time when a response is submitted with SurveySparrow-Slack integration. So whenever a user submits a response for your survey, you would be alerted of the same instantly, in Slack.

Share Responses via Slack

Share survey responses to different channels/users in Slack with the SurveySparrow - Slack integration. From Human Resources to Product Development, share relevant responses to various departments in your organization seamlessly!

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