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BHN Rewards integration with SurveySparrow lets you send rewards to the users directly to their email ids upon survey completions, thereby helping you increase the survey response rates. The integration promises a seamless experience for customers and employees through rewards at every touchpoint of their user journey.

BHN Rewards Survey Integration: Use Cases

Choose a reward or let your respondents select one

From setting up the campaign to selecting rewards for your respondents, complete the reward selection process, hassle-free. With limitless reward options, including e-gift cards, coupons, vouchers, Virtual Visa, Virtual Mastercard, PayPal, and more, you can choose one or let your respondents pick from a curated list. When you say thank you, mean it well with BHN Rewards.

Track your rewards

Move away from the chaos of excel sheets. Automate your rewards management and track the rewards given for multiple survey projects. Get detailed reports about the same with BHN Rewards.

Review & Reward or Send them all in one go

Automatically approve and send rewards to all recipients who are added to the campaign, or review, approve, and share rewards individually, using BHN Rewards survey integration.

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