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Rybbon is an online rewards management platform that helps to send digital e-gift cards for marketing or any business needs. You can buy gifts, send it, and track it easily.

Rybbon Survey Integration: Use Cases

Rybbon integration with SurveySparrow helps you to simplify, automate, and efficiently manage your digital incentives and rewards. Boost your survey response rates by offering rewards, track the rewards & results, and set up a robust incentive management system with Rybbon survey integration.

Choose a reward or let your respondents select one

When a respondent completes your survey, choose a reward from the wide range offered by Rybbon, including e-gift cards, coupons, vouchers, Virtual Visa, Virtual Mastercard, PayPal, and more. You can choose one, or let your respondents pick from a curated list. When you say thank you, mean it well with Rybbon.

Track your rewards

Move away from the chaos of excel sheets. Automate your rewards management and track the rewards given for multiple survey projects. Get detailed reports about the same with Rybbon.

Review and reward

Review, approve, and share rewards either individually or all at one go using Rybbon survey incentives. At times, you may not be required to gift all your respondents. If so, you can choose your respondents and then select a reward for them with Rybbon's in-built system.

How to set up your Rybbon Survey Integration


Connect your SurveySparrow account with Rybbon.

Step 1: After creating an account in Rybbon, you will be directed to Rybbon's dashboard.

Step 2: From the integrations listed, select the 'Connect to SurveySparrow' card.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the log-in page for SurveySparrow. Fill in the fields appropriately and log in.

Step 4: Configure permissions for Rybbon to access your survey by clicking Authorize.

Step 5: You will be redirected to Rybbon's dashboard. The integration is now complete. You can now proceed to add survey rewards.