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Freshsales is a cloud-based Sales CRM solution that helps businesses across different industry verticals to manage their interactions with existing and potential customers.

Freshsales Survey Integration: Use Cases

Freshsales survey integration lets you enrich interactions with existing & potential customers at every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle. Capture leads, track and manage survey responses, and update contact information on the fly.

Trigger CSAT survey in a sequence email and map survey responses to a Contact/Lead

Trigger a customer satisfaction survey in a sequence email and automatically map survey responses to a Contact or Lead on receiving survey submissions. Update your contact and lead information on the go with Freshsales survey integration.

Generate Leads from survey responses

Generate leads in Freshsales using our Lead Generation form. Gather information on your leads via survey responses and update the same in your Freshsales CRM software.

Trigger survey when a deal is created

Measure customer pulse by triggering a survey when a new deal is created. Understand your customers' needs from the get-go and deliver excellent customer service with Freshsales Survey integration.

How to set up your Freshsales Survey Integration


A webhook in web development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page, or web application, with custom callbacks.

Step 1: Enter the Callback URL - '{custom_param_contactid}', where domain is your Freshsales domain (

Step 2: Parameter should be passed as custom_param_paramname.

Step 3: Custom header called Authorization with value: Token token=XXXX where xxx is the API key of your account. You can get the API key by navigating to Accounts > Settings > API Settings.

Step 4: Custom field names should be appended by cf(ie cf_custom field).

Step 5: Save and test the connection.


Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Trigger - New Contact is created

Step 1: Choose App and Event - Freshsales and New Contact

Step 2: Choose Account - Sign in to your Freshsales account

Step 3: Customize Contact - Select Contact List

Step 4: Find Data - Choose Sample data to Send

Step 5: est the connection

Action - Share Survey

Step 1: Choose App and Event - SurveySparrow and Choose Survey to Send

Step 2: Choose Account - Sign in to your SurveySparrow account

Step 3: Customize Share Survey:

Step 4: Select a survey from the list

Step 5: Choose a share option(email share)

Step 6: Choose a recipient email ID

Step 7: Pass a custom variable(Example: contactid)(Optional)

Step 8: Test the connection