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What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is one of the latest email marketing platforms that enable customers to design, build and scale email marketing campaigns using workflows and email sequences. Compared to other existing email marketing solutions like Mailchimp, Flodesk takes a design-first approach to email marketing which will significantly improve your open rates and results.

How does Flodesk help creators?

Built by creators, Flodesk helps you to create highly engaging email marketing campaigns and use Flodesk workflows to integrate with different platforms. For example, using the Flodesk templates, you could start building your first Flodesk landing and embed Flodesk forms to subscribers effortlessly.

How to use Flodesk?

Being one of the latest tools, Flodesk has many use cases, including capturing and nurturing email leads. You could learn more about the Flodesk features and use cases at the Flodesk university.

Flodesk Integrations and API

Flodesk provides integration through Zapier to easily connect with platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress. In addition, Zapier Flodesk zap can automate Flodesk workflows and or API calls.


Flodesk reviews show that customers are still adapting to the experience. However, if you compare Flodesk vs. Mailchimp, you need to consider that Flodesk is a new platform among email marketing service providers with premium features like integrations, automation and workflows.

Flodesk Features:

Email Builder

Craft your emails with the intuitive Flodesk builder to deliver emails that represent your brand with customization.


You can track and analyze your email campaigns using built-in analytics from open rates to click-through rates.


Organize your email leads using segmented lists.


The feature enables automation of different email sequences for nurturing, welcoming, and leading magnet delivery.

Workflow Triggers and Conditions

Triggers enable you to schedule and sequence emails based on multiple conditions like time delay, email, and action.


Flodesk integrates with 1000s platforms, including SurveySparrow through Zappier. However, Flodesk native integration is only available with Shopify at the moment.


When it comes to email marketing, deliverability is crucial. Flodesk deliverability is average around 75% based on multiple user reviews.

Flodesk Survey Integration: Use Cases

Flodesk survey integration to get the best of your email marketing campaigns. Engage with your subscribers and nurture them to reduce subscriber churn rates. Deliver nothing but the best with your email campaigns using Flodesk survey integration!

Create or update subscriber details from responses

Create a new subscriber or update the details of an existing one from survey responses. Avoid the juggle between your email marketing tool & SurveySparrow. Automate and keep your subscriber list up-to-date using Flodesk survey integration.

Trigger a survey when a subscriber is added to a segment

Trigger a survey when a new subscriber is added to a segment. Understand their expectations and lay the steps for a personalized experience right from the start, using Flodesk survey integration.

Automate a survey for each unsubscription

Automate a survey whenever there's an unsubscription. Find out the reasons which prompted a subscriber to tune out of your services & news, and take the right steps to improve with Flodesk survey integration.

Capture email subscribers through Flodesk pop-ups

Embed a Website Pop Up on your website to capture subscribers. You can connect a floform to your website by adding the flodesk code snippet to your website.

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