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What we look for

We strive each day to write content pieces that inspire and that adds value to readers. If you have original write-ups that help readers in more than just one way, you’re at the right stop. We’ve enough room for fabulous writers like you.

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Oh, there are some things to keep in mind

To ensure our subscribers get only premium quality content, we have a quick checklist that you should give a read. While reading, if you have a tick next to each point, then there’s no looking back!

Original content

Getting inspired is cool. But plagiarism? Well, it’s a big no! We’d accept only original ideas penned with much passion. If you are citing another work anywhere, please credit the source as needed. Any and all plagiarized content will be duly rejected.

Promotional content

We get it. You’d like to give your brand some visibility with guest blogging. But, readers come first and let’s add value foremost. Promotional or advertorial posts will not be entertained unless it imparts value to our readers. You can talk about yourself/brand at the dedicated author bio we have for you!

Content topics & word count

We don’t keep a strict limit on the word count. However, any article between 1000-2600 words work fine! Also, we give a tad more importance to certain topics that pertain to our domain. Namely customer experience, employee experience, and product experience.

Format & framework

Ensure your content has a logical flow and is easily understood by our diverse audience. You can submit your blog in any file format.

Author track record

We’d like to onboard bloggers who have experience writing for the B2B domain. Freelancers are most welcome; kindly share your previous work with us. Also, we will not accept posts written by authors who are a part of our competitors.

Links added:

You can add external links to make the content more informative. However, ensure that it’s from credible sources. Any spammy links that we find would be removed immediately. You can add a promotional/advertorial links in the author bio provided.

Images and infographics

Pardon us as we speak the cliche quote- “Pictures speak a thousand words.” So be sure to visually stun your post with relevant images and infographics. If you are citing an infographic from another source, be sure to credit them.

Say cheese! So, bio & headshot

Send us your prettiest picture and a line that best describes you. And, there! Your author bio is ready!

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