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Thanksgiving Invitation Template

Features of Thanksgiving Invitation Template

Make your invitations interesting with this Thanksgiving Invitation Template!

We’ve designed this template on a generic note, but you can always customize it specifically for lunch, dinner, high tea or whatever suits you the best.

Still not convinced? We’ve got loads of other features available with this template. Read along to know how you can make the most of it!

Personalized invitation

Add a warm touch to your invite. Make it personalized to a T. Insert variables and expressions to your invite. This template comes with the pipeline feature that lets you add previous answers to your current ones, thus making it feel like a real-time conversation. Isn’t it cool?!

Voice recording feature

Let your guests record their answers instead of typing. While you’re designing the invite, turn on the voice transcription feature for open-ended questions. This will enable a microphone button for your respondents. They can simply click on the button and start recording their answers!

Picture-based questions

Use the picture-choice question type for your invite and let your guests know what you’re offering them! This question type lets you upload images from your system, or you can use free images from Unspalsh. You can also use GIFs from Giphy.

Ask relevant questions

This template comes with a skip/display logic feature that lets you display or skip a question based on the answer your guest has selected previously. Thus relieving them from the effort of going through the entire invite. You can also use this feature and make a personalized Thank You page!

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