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Job Fair Invitation Template

Features of this Job Fair Invitation Template

Elevate Job Fair Experience with this Template

More Features of Job Fair Invitation Template


Attract more applicants using a professional job application invitation template. Choose from a variety of themes, eye-catching colors, and font types. Use customization’s magic wand to make your invitation more enticing.

Supports Multiple Devices

Create a template that works on any device, including tablets, computers, and smartphones. The template’s mobile-first priority will allow your respondents to access your invitation while on the go, eliminating the need for them to wait for the perfect time to fill it out.

Display & Skip Logic

Make your template user-friendly, so respondents don’t get tired of filling it out. Sort questions based on their relative importance. Set conditional logic to the questions based on previous responses from your respondents.

Google Sheet Integration

Export all responses in a google sheet, filter them out based on your preferences and save a bunch of time. You can see who is attending the job fair and what their priorities are right away. You’re just one toggle switch away from enabling this functional integration in your template.

Go Offline

Create your kiosk and collect data even when there is no Internet connection. The Offline Surveys App from SurveySparrow allows you to collect feedback without an active Internet connection. Sync the responses back to the server when you get reconnected.

Library of Question Types

Select from various question types, including drop-down, multiple-choice, picture-based, date, contact form, matrix type, and many others. You can also make your invitations more engaging by including emoticons.

Use Cases: Job Fair Invitation Template


Attracting Potential Candidates

A company participating in a local job fair can use this template to ensure it attracts a diverse pool of potential candidates. Its conversational tone and multiple question types, like smiley ratings, matrix questions, or picture questions, can help it make an engaging and informative invitation that advertises the company’s perks, work environment, and open positions. This will help them stand out and draw the attention of job fair attendees.

Startup Branding

Startups can use this template to make a great first impression at a career fair. It can be customized to align with the company’s branding through white labeling; additionally, they can choose from a library of colors, fonts, and imagery that best reflect their brand identity. This consistent branding will create a memorable and professional image, making it more likely for candidates to remember and recognize the company.

Virtual Job Fair Details

In this era of virtual events, companies can use this template as a tool to gauge the familiarity of attendees with various virtual tools and provide the required assistance for a smooth transition and successful event completion. It can include questions about their availability and their device specifications, in sync with the event requirements. This data can then be downloaded in multiple formats, like Excel or SPSS, analyzed, and used to decide which tools to use in the final event.

Entrepreneur Pitch

If an entrepreneur aims to use the job fair as an opportunity to build relationships with potential investors beyond the event, they may use this template to understand attendees’ interest in their business. The invitation template can be designed to encourage interaction even before the job fair. It can include links to social media profiles, websites, and contact information, inviting candidates to connect and learn more about the business idea. This proactive approach will help them build a network of potential investors for future fundraising rounds.

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